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10th Reunion


Doug Yates


At the Tenth Reunion of the Class of 1966, there were 149 classmates, 121 wives and guests, 40 children. No dogs. It was a special time. A homecoming. A curious dream-like event in which one was suddenly standing next to roommates, friends, and people one had never known before but between whom there was a common bond.

Like a wedding, the Reunion was a fleet­ing but indelible moment. A lot of experi­ence in a short time. And a lot of exuber­ance, carousing, catching up, telling of old tales.

There were many events. Cocktails began at 4:00 on Friday. Which is why Reunions are Reunions. Faculty visitors included Horace Taft, Brad Westerfield, Bill Donald­son, Ed Lindblom, John Perry Miller, and Gaddis Smith, the Master of our home, PiersonCollege. Then a dinner with Profes­sor Don Kagan, who had to battle our gen­eral desire to talk and get back together. Later on Friday night, we were visited by the President, Tony McClellan, Yale’s able reunion coordinator, and Cottie Davison, Director of Institutional Development. We had pizza.

We now have new class officers: Tom Barry, Secretary; Jim Groninger, Treasurer, and Howell Ferguson, AYA Representative.

On Saturday, there was a continental breakfast beginning at 7:30. Yale hasn’t changed. Just less eggs and bacon. Then a “Yale Today Forum” with notables. Sam Chauncey generously served cocktails at noon to the hearty of which there were many. Then a barbecue in Pierson and a dinner with an old-fashioned dance band and a rock band later on. One could be 31 and 18 at one’s choice and leisure. I have forgotten to mention the Class Forum in which Tom Barry and others began to get a new and more active class organization on its feet. But then I have forgotten and re­membered many things.

One remembers the poignant sense of standing beside old friends in familiar cir­cumstances, feeling as if nothing had changed. One remembers meeting and en­joying classmates and wives one had never known before. For many of us, it was an extremely powerful experience which disproved, at least for a time, Thomas Wolfe’s adage that you can never go home again. Most of all, we owe thanks to several of our classmates: Murph, Levin and Biff Folberth, who persuaded the Class to give generously to Yale, and most especially to Cary Koplin, who planned the weekend for the second time.

Classmates in attendance

Clark Abbott, Christopher S. Armstrong†*, Vincent M. Badger†*, L. Kirk Baird*, Thomas C. Barry*, Donald A. Bickford, Steven N. Brody*, George N. Budd†, Donald W. Burton†*, Peter Butler†, John M. Carney†*, Franklyn H. Carrington*, Victor C. Chen†*, Dugald D. Chisholm, Stephen M. Clement†*, Kenneth Coleman*, Lawrence Crocker†, Warren B. Daly†, Paul DeVries†*, Russell Dilley†, Jack H. Dunn, Bruce A. Eberle†*, Douglas A. Eldridge*, K. Thomas Elghanayan†*, James Elliott†, John C. Fager†*, Laurence Faiman†*, William D. Farnam, Howell L. Ferguson†, Robert A. Fesjian†, Thomas F. Fiorito*, Anthony M. Fitzgerald*, William M. Folberth*, Joseph S. Freeman†*, Tull N. Gearreald*, Peter Gisolfi*, Richard C. Green†*, William G. Green*, Mark H. Greene†*, James G. Groninger, Mark Hammer†, William R. Hammock*, William M. Hannay*, W. Gibson Harris, Lynn H. Harrison†*, David R. Hathaway†*, James Hedlund, Guy L. Heinemann†*, David Hill†*, Jeffrey D. Hill†*, Ralph H. Hobart†*, Richard Holt†*, Robert D. Hughes†*, Douglas L. Hurley, Thomas C. Israel, Clifton Iverson†*, Hugh M. Jones†*, Bruce Jorgensen*, Samuel R. Karetsky†*, Leo Kayser, Cary A. Koplin, Mark A. Korsten*, Richard Kunst†*, Robin Landis†, James M. Landwehr†*, Andrew R. Lear†*, David E. Lefevre†*, George M. Levin*, John A. Lindburg†, George S. Littell*, Michael M. Lonergan†*, Richard E. Look†*, Howard Mallory†*, Robert J. Malovany*, Nedrick McCune†, Daniel McNamee*, Howard Moffett, Edward Mogul†, Raymond Mushal†*, Frederick Nagle, Thomas J. Opladen†*, Donald Parsons†*, Waring Partridge*, Day Patterson†, David D. Platt†, Thomas W. Porter†, Peep Rebassoo†, John H. Reid†*, David B. Rigney*, Michael Risinger†*, William H. Rodgers*, Sigourney B. Romaine, Jonathan Romeyn†*, Joel F. Rubinstein†*, Allen H. Sandler†*, John P. Sawyer*, Steven Schatzow*, Vincent J. Sharkey*, Steven Shelov*, John Siler, Ronald L. Singer*, Samuel Sipes†*, Richard S. Snierson*, Edward J. Snyder*, Christopher Sommer†, Henry V. Soper, William B. Stanberry†*, Herbert Stein*, Thomas Stevens†, Peter Stillman†, Michael Straight†, Charles Super†, Joel Suttenberg†*, James E. Swinger*, Richard S. Swingle*, Harold Thomas†*, Edmonstone F. Thompson†, Stephen B. Timbers*, David Truslow†*, Timothy W. Tunney†, Thomas P. Turchan, William V. Wagner†, Christopher Walker†*, David Walker†*, Philip M. Walker†*, Dean A. Weidner*, Gregory Weiss†*, Thomas W. Whitaker, Tracy J. Whitaker*, F. Case Whittemore†, Robert B. Whittredge†*, Alexander H. Williams†*, Peter Yanover†*, Douglas Yates*, Richard Zimmer†*


† First time at a Reunion

* with guest


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