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15th Reunion


Thomas C. Barry


A fabulous fifteenth Reunion was held November 6-9. Attendance may have been a record with about 140 classmates plus many spouses and children. A fall Reunion offered the opportunity to see Yale as it is today while in session. From the first night’s cock­tail party (which was visited by President Giamatti) including the football game, to the final Sunday brunch, the diversity of activity available at Yale seemed to satisfy all interests. Everyone owes unending appreciation to Denis Tippo, who mas­terminded the program.

Our official fifteenth anniversary, of course, will be in June 1981, so active fund raising will continue to that date. Murph Levin, Bill Fol­berth, and Rick Barry need your help to give Yale a record-breaking gift. Also, we still have an elec­tion by mail for Class Secretary, Class Treasurer, AYA representative, and Class Council members. If you are interested in any of these positions, or wish more information on what the job entails, please write me as soon as possible.


Classmates in attendance

Delane E. Anderson (Susan), Robert D. Augusta† (Dolly), L. Kirk Baird (Jane), Daniel Barbiero† (Ellen), Wm. Anderson Barnes† (Sara Travis), Thomas C. Barry (Pat), Robert Barth (Ann), Frederick W. Beinecke† (Candace), Kenneth Bernhard, Christopher Beutler† (Patty), Donald A. Bickford, Stephen L. Billard† (Susan), John R. Blossman† (Courtney), Steven N. Brody (Susan), George A. Brown† (Carolyn), Robert W. Brundige, Harvey H. Bundy† (Blakely), William A. Burck†, Peter Butler (Collings), E. Scott Calvert (Kori), John M. Carney (Marti), Franklyn H. Carrington (Carolyn), Dugald D. Chisholm (Mary Alice), Henry N. Christensen† (Susan), John H. Clippinger† (Marni Zea), Kenneth Coleman (Pam), Guerry Collins† (Charlotte Sterling), Arthur Condliffe† (Nancy), Stephen Cooley† (Betsy), Michael B. Crutcher†, Robert Donaldson† (Sue), Malcolm R. Douglas (Joan Heady), Bruce A. Eberle, Bruce M. Eckert (Lori), John C. Fager (Patti), Anwar A. Fancy† (Saeeda), Charles N. Farmer† (Serene), William D. Farnam, Paul E. Farren† (Vivian), Ralph F. Faville† (Kay), David Fell† (Stephanie), Thomas F. Fiorito (Ellaine), Anthony M. Fitzgerald (Ann), William M. Folberth (Elizabeth), Joseph S. Freeman (Cynthia), Donald E. Gastwirth† (Jane Phillips), Stephen E. Gilhuley†, Peter Gisolfi, Richard Glazier†, Frank Goodyear†, Geoffrey M. Graeber† (Janet), Mark E. Greenwold† (Betsy), Charles Griffis†, Richard J. Gusberg† (1), William R. Hammock (Jackie), William M. Hannay (1), W. Gibson Harris (Pam), Lee E. Hassig, David R. Hathaway (Nancy), Thomas J. Hayes (Sherri), Guy L. Heinemann (Anne), Buol Heslin†, James Hoak† (Willa), Ralph H. Hobart (Tamie), James E. Howard (Marianne), Douglas L. Hurley, Thomas C. Israel (Barbara), Konrad K. Kalba (Pat), Samuel R. Karetsky (Nancy), Leo Kayser, Robert L. Keeney† (Michele Geber), Thomas D. Kitch† (Sally), James Knowles, Cary A. Koplin (Sherry), Mark A. Korsten (Susan), James M. Landwehr, Ivar Larsen (Barbara), Andrew R. Lear, George M. Levin (Nancy), John A. Lindburg, Stephen P. Lindsay† (Linda), Michael M. Lonergan (Joan), Richard E. Look (Jeanne), Mark Lynch†, Peter Maher (Martie), Howard Mallory (Nora Berko), Edward C. Marschner†, Daniel McNamee, J. David Mills†, Howard Moffett, James Munson† (Diane), Christopher Ogden† (Deedy), Bernard D. Olmsted (Barbara), Thomas J. Opladen (Randi), Donald Parsons (1), Waring Partridge (Jeannie), Robert L. Pratter† (Gene), Thomas J. Press† (Julie), Patrick A. Randolph†, John H. Reid (Linda), David Reuben†, Robert W. Riordan† (Wendie), Sigourney B. Romaine, Roy M. Rubin (Anita), Joel F. Rubinstein (Nancy), John P. Sawyer (Susan), Bernard P. Schachtel† (Susan), Steven Schatzow (Peggy), Thomas Scott† (Betsy Mackta), Martin L. Senzel† (Dagni), Steven Shelov (Marsha), John Siler (Emily), Ronald L. Singer (Anne), Charles E. Skubas (Sarah), Dean Smylie† (Janine), William B. Stanberry (Sandra), John D. Stiefel† (Joyce), Richard S. Swingle, Denis R. Tippo† (Madelyn), Thomas P. Turchan (Kathy Pozgay), Joseph Upton (Linda), Roger Vacco† (Ellen), John D. Valiente† (Maggie), William V. Wagner (Kay), Christopher Walker, Laurence Walker†, Philip M. Walker (Joyce), Alvin C. Warren, Sam Watkins†, George H. Weiler†, Gregory Weiss (Brenda), John C. Westcott (Suzie), Thomas W. Whitaker (Eileen Cleva), Tracy J. Whitaker (Cathy), Robert E. White† (Linda), Ronald B. White† (Andrea Stern), Robert B. Whittredge (Deanna), Thomas B. Wilner† (1), Douglas Yates (Doris), Henry Zaleski† (1)

† First time at a Reunion

(Guests: Guest names)


Disclaimer: The historical attendance records have been recreated from files and lists thought to be accurate but no guarantee as to completeness. If you are not listed for a reunion you attended or if you are listed and did not attend, please email us and we will correct the lists. The easiest way to check is to look up your name in the “Classmates who have attended a Reunion” list. By your name will be a list of the Reunions our records show you as having attended.