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20th Reunion

1986 — Twentieth Reunion

Denis R. Tippo and Cary A. Koplin


The weekend of May 31-June 1 saw more than 500 classmates, spouses/guests, and children swarm to New Haven and overflow SaybrookCollege, our 20th Reunion headquarters. So great was our return that many of us had to be accommodated in nearby Berkeley and JonathanEdwardsColleges. This size­able gathering of friends set a new Yale record for total attendance at a Twentieth Reunion as classmates came from as far away as Ankara, Turkey, and Italy, not to mention the four corners of the U.S.A.

On the fund-raising side, the Class of ’66 made another significant statement about our continued af­fection for and support of Yale. Pior to Reunion weekend, $667,000 had been raised as our 20th Reunion gift (!). This beats the previous 20th Reun­ion record at Yale by 30%, and also sets an Ivy League record for the total dollar amount raised at a 20th Reunion. Kudos must go to Murph Levin, our 20th Gift Chairman, and Biff Folberth, Mike Fargo, and George Littell for their hard work and success in raising this magnificent sum for Mother Yale.

On Friday, our Reunion got off in fine fashion with a stimulating and well attended class panel on “Public Service” with classmates Will Taft, Chris Beutler, Frank Heintz, and John Kerry followed by an equally interesting panel discussion on “Entre­preneurship” with classmates Jim Hoak, Dick Allen, and Biff Folberth.

Friday’s Class Dinner was embellished by the presence of many familiar “our era” Yale professors who attended cocktails and stayed for dinner. Class Secretary Tom Barry announced the names of the new Class Council, including class officers for the next five years. They are: Thomas C. Barry, Co­-Secretary; William M. Folberth III, Co-Secretary; W. Anderson Barnes, Treasurer; G. Murphy Levin, 25th Gift Chairman; Cary A. Koplin, 25th Reunion Co-Chairman; Denis R. Tippo, 25th Reun­ion Co-Chairman; C.B. Kaufmann, AYA Repre­sentative, and additional Council Members, Mar­shall W. Craig, Robert W. Brundige, Steven N. Brody, Tone N. Grant, William Mathers, and Gregory A. Weiss. The slate was unanimously ap­proved, and the team is now in place managing the affairs of the Class. “The Alley Cats” and “Proof of the Pudding” serenaded the returning horde with tra­ditional song and our Reunion with Yale and class­mates was well along when the last turned in at 3:30 a.m.

On Saturday morning, a thought-provoking class panel on “Culture and the Arts” was led by classmates Frank Goodyear, Jim Knowles, and C.E. (Buzzy)Pover­man. This was followed by Yale’s “Education at Yale” panel which was moderated by our popular outgoing 19th President of Yale, A. Bartlett Giamatti, and the traditional picnic . . . lots of food, fun, and sun. During cocktails prior to dinner, the Class officially presented its record-breaking 20th Reunion gift via a giant sized check to an appreciative and smiling President-designate Benno C. Schmidt Jr., who offered gracious and amusing remarks to our class assemblage in beautiful Branford Court­yard. At dinner, nearly 400 lobsters plus 100 prime steaks were consumed along with Josh Jensen‘s award-winning Calera Vineyard special Class of ’66 20th Reunion Reserve Chardonnay. Dancing to the “tunes of our era,” we continued our festivities into the early morning hours, pausing at midnight for pizza, of course, and the evening’s entertainment was topped off by Rich Look‘s extraordinary and now traditional piano performance in Saybrook Com­mon Room. Lights were finally dimmed around 4:30 a.m.

On Sunday, a short but moving Memorial Service for deceased classmates was held in Saybrook Court­yard and the Reunion ended with a picnic luncheon with other reunion classes on the Cross Campus.

Plans for our big 25th Reunion are already under­way, and the Reunion Committee is busy plotting strategy to make certain that at least half of the Class will return to New Haven in 1991, andthat the Class of 1966 will again set a new reunion gift standard at our 25th. Stay tuned for more information.


Classmates in attendance

Dick Allen† (1), Howard Alpert† (3), Delane E. Anderson (1), Robert A. Anderson† (1), Christopher S. Armstrong (1), John Badman† (2), Theodore I. Bahn†, L. Kirk Baird (2), Daniel Barbiero, Wm. Anderson Barnes (2), Hamlet J. Barry† (2), Richard H. Barry† (1), Thomas C. Barry (1), Robert Barth (1), Douglas G. Beckman† (1), Andrew S. Berkman† (3), Kenneth Bernhard (1), Kenneth Berv† (1), Christopher Beutler (1), Stephen L. Billard (1), Edward Blatchford†, James H. Bodurtha† (3), Timothy M. Bradford (1), Steven N. Brody (1), Robert W. Brundige (3), Lewis Bryden†, Harvey H. Bundy (1), William A. Burck (2), Donald W. Burton (1), Michael Busko, Samuel Caldwell†, E. Scott Calvert (1), Woodrow Campbell, John M. Carney (3), Franklyn H. Carrington, Frankland F. Cheung† (4), Stephen M. Clement, Kenneth Coleman (3), Donald P. Copley (3), Alan W. Cross (5), Edmund G. Crotty, Michael B. Crutcher (1), Paul DeVries, Russell Dilley (2), Jack H. Dunn (1), Morton Dworken† (3), Bruce A. Eberle (1), Douglas A. Eldridge (4), Ted Elliott†, John C. Fager (3), Alvin W. Fargo (4), William D. Farnam, Paul E. Farren (1), Howell L. Ferguson (4), Thomas F. Fiorito, Anthony M. Fitzgerald (4), William M. Folberth (3), Joseph S. Freeman (1), Richard A. Gerard† (2), Stephen E. Gilhuley (1), Peter Gisolfi (4), Richard Glazier (1), Frank Goodyear (2), Thomas Grainger† (1), Richard C. Green (1), William G. Green, Peter H. Greenwalt†, Mark E. Greenwold (1), James G. Groninger (4), Richard J. Gusberg, William R. Hammock (3), Joseph Hanlon† (1), William M. Hannay (1), John R. Harpold, W. Gibson Harris (1), Lynn H. Harrison (1), John C. Harvey† (1), William Hazard† (3), Marc Hecht (1), Frank O. Heintz (3), Robert Hemphill† (1), David Hill (1), Jeffrey D. Hill, James Hoak (1), Ralph H. Hobart, Richard Holt, James E. Howard (1), Douglas L. Hurley (2), Thomas B. Hyman† (3), Thomas C. Israel (3), Josh Jensen†, Charles Jester† (3), Hugh M. Jones, Stuart K. Jones, Konrad K. Kalba, Samuel R. Karetsky (2), Charles B. Kaufmann† (1), Bingham Kennedy† (4), Thomas D. Kitch (1), Walter L. Knorr†, James Knowles (5), Jeffrey Koplan† (3), Cary A. Koplin (3), Mark A. Korsten (3), Andrew R. Lear (1), Van H. Leichliter† (1), George M. Levin (1), Jeffrey Lewis (2), Benjamin Liptzin† (1), George S. Littell (3), Richard P. Livingston†, Michael M. Lonergan (1), Richard E. Look (3), James Luce† (1),  (1)Mark Lynch, Peter Maher (1), Robert J. Malovany (4), Jedediah E. Mannis† (3), Edward C. Marschner (2), William M. Mathers†, Daniel McNamee (1), H. Coleman Mitchell Jr.†, Howard Moffett, Charles Murphy (1), Nicholas Nikas† (1), Laurence Norton† (4), Kenneth Oliver (1), Harold H. Osborn† (2), Kenneth Ott† (1), Lansing R. Palmer (1), Jeffrey J. Parish† (3), Donald Parsons (4), Waring Partridge (1), Steven Perskie† (3), Thomas W. Porter (3), Dean L. Potter†, Charles Poverman†, Robert L. Pratter (2), Jonathan Price† (1), Chris Quigg†, David Rapaport†, Neil S. J. Raymond† (5), Peep Rebassoo (1), John Regan (1), John H. Reid (2), David B. Rigney (2), Timothy Roble† (1), William H. Rodgers (5), Sigourney B. Romaine, Jonathan Romeyn (3), Gerald A. Rosenberg† (2), Roy M. Rubin (3), Joel F. Rubinstein (3), James C. Sanford† (1), John P. Sawyer (3), Bernard P. Schachtel (3), Steven Schatzow (3), David Schlossberg† (4), Vincent J. Sharkey, Steven Shelov (1), Theodore P. Shen† (1), Ronald L. Singer (2), Samuel Sipes, Charles E. Skubas (2), Thomas Slater† (1), Cameron M. Smith (1), Richard S. Snierson, Edward J. Snyder (3), Henry V. Soper (1), Charles R. Strotz† (1), Joel Suttenberg, James E. Swinger (1), Richard S. Swingle (4), Stephen B. Timbers, Denis R. Tippo (3), Thomas P. Turchan (1), Joseph Upton (4), Roger Vacco (1), John D. Valiente (2), Joseph S. von Kaenel† (1), William V. Wagner (1), J. Deane Waldman† (3), Christopher Walker (1), Philip M. Walker (1), Alvin C. Warren (3), Edward Warren† (1), George H. Weiler, Gregory Weiss (1), Charles D. Weller† (1), John C. Westcott, Tracy J. Whitaker (3), F. Case Whittemore (1), Hynrich W. Wieschhoff (3), Alexander H. Williams (2), G. Van Velsor Wolf (1), Terence F. Young


† First time at a Reunion



Disclaimer: The historical attendance records have been recreated from files and lists thought to be accurate but no guarantee as to completeness. If you are not listed for a reunion you attended or if you are listed and did not attend, please email us and we will correct the lists. The easiest way to check is to look up your name in the “Classmates who have attended a Reunion” list. By your name will be a list of the Reunions our records show you as having attended.