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25th Reunion

1991 — Twenty-fifth Reunion

Cary A. Koplin


It was a terrific weekend, more than living up to expectations! The old Campus was filled with more than 800 of us, including 382 classmates, 252 spouses and “friends” and 169 children. But for a downpour on Thursday night (thank goodness for the tent) the weather was spectacular. It was great to talk to so many old friends, many of whom hadn’t been seen in New Haven for twenty-five years.

The festivities got off to a great start on Thursday afternoon with a panel led by our class vintners, Ted Elliott, Josh Jensen and Leigh Wilson (who deserve a tremendous “thanks” for generously donating 50 cases of wine for the class dinners). Their theme, “Vines and Bottles: Not a singing Group” was enjoyed thoroughly by the ninety plus attendees. After cocktails and buffet dinner in the tent we were serenaded by the Whiffenpoofs and Whim ‘n Rhythm of 1991.

Friday featured three lectures/panels which were not only well-attended but also stimulated some lively discussions. John Bockstoce, our Northern explorer, presented in the morning a fascinating slide show of his several trips through Arctic waters.In the afternoon, Tom Porter moderated a panel on “Community: Our Families, Domestic politics at Home – Our Health and well-Being.” Panelists included Stephen Clement Lynn Harrison,Jonathan Lieff and Steve Shelov. Highlights included Lynn’s warnings about heart disease and Jonathan’s (better received) prediction that many of us have a good chance of living to 1001 The politicians in our class then led a stimulating discussion moderated by Al Warren and featuring Frank Heintz, Carl Pike, Dick Tolbert and John Kerry.

Cocktails Friday night started at the tent on the Old Campus, migrated to the quadrangle adjacent to Beincke Library and were followed by the Class Dinner in Commons at which Biff Folberth and Murph Levin presented a giant $4, 196, 600 check to Benno Schmidt representing the amount donated/pledged to date toward our Twenty-Fifth Reunion class Gift. (The books remain open so we still have a little time to set another record.) Yale class Awards were presented to TomBarry, Biff Folberth I Cary Koplinand Murph Levin in recognition of the time and effort they have expended on behalf of our Class during the last ten years. Entertainment in the tent that evening was provided by the ten living Whiffenpoofs of 1966 and our own RichLook.

Saturday’s activities included a panel on the global village and classmates’ involvement in international activities with TomBarry as Moderator and including Chris Armstrong, Bill Burke, Jeff Koplan, George Littell and Dave Pinkham Most of us spent the afternoon at the Class picnic at Holiday Hill in Cheshire, where a proud Biff Folberth and “ringer” partner, Chips Barry, defeated their erstwhile opponents from the Class of ’71 to win the tennis tournament. Cary Koplinand GregWeiss were elected Co-Class Secretaries and AndyBerkman was elected Treasurer. After dinner in commons we repaired to the tent for dancing to the music of “Straight Lace” featuring songs of the 60s.

Everyone agreed that the Classbook was a great success and a catalyst for attendance and the special feelings evident throughout the weekend. We are indebted to Federal Express Chairman FredSmith, who on extremely short notice agreed to ship the Classbooks free of charge to all classmates.

We intend to schedule numerous regional Class events during the next five years leading up to our thirtieth reunion, and we look forward to the continued participation of as many as possible of the members of the Class.


Classmates Attending

>Clark Abbott (Sara Ann Abbott), Thomas J. Adams† (Leslie Adams), John Allen†, John M. Amatruda†, Delane E. Anderson (Susan S. Anderson), Christopher S. Armstrong (4: Jdith Armstrong), James R. Atwood† (3: Wendy Atwood), Robert D. Augusta (Dorothy M. Agusta), Michael Avery†, Vincent M. Badger (Jennifer B Badger), Theodore I. Bahn, L. Kirk Baird (Sandra Sosnoff), Donald C. Balfour† (Sharon Balfor), Daniel Barbiero (Ellen Barbiero), Wm. Anderson Barnes, Hamlet J. Barry (Gail Barry), Richard H. Barry (Kay Barry), Thomas C. Barry (Patricia), Robert Barth (Ann Barth), Edward C. Beattie† (Karen Beattie), Hamilton Beazley†, William P. Becker†, Douglas G. Beckman, Frederick W. Beinecke (Candice Beinecke), Wycliffe Bennett† (Dr. Hazel Bennett), J. Frederick Berg†, Andrew S. Berkman (3: Kathy Berkman), Kenneth Bernhard (Alice Bernhard), Kenneth Berv (3: Spring Berv), Christopher Beutler (Patty Beutler), Donald A. Bickford (Tom Rizer), Stephen L. Billard (Susan Billard), Foster J. Blair† (Diane S. Blair), Thomas J. Blanck† (Maggie L. Blanck), Richard W. Bland† (Mary Bland), Edward Blatchford (Claire Blatchford), John R. Blossman (Courtney C. Blossman), James C. Bobrow† (Dr. Nanci A. Bobrow), John R. Bockstoce† (2: Romayne Bockstoce), James H. Bodurtha (Betsy Bodurtha), Rex J. Bowser† (Marlyn L. Saxman), Timothy M. Bradford (Adrienne Bradford), R. Huntington Breed (Lucy Breed), Steven N. Brody, George C. Brown† (4: Lois Brown), Robert W. Brundige (3: Kay Brundige), Lewis Bryden (3: Eliabeth Bryden), George N. Budd, Morgan G. Bulkeley† (Eleanor Tillinghas), Harvey H. Bundy (Blakely), William A. Burck, Donald W. Burton (Campbell Burton), Michael Busko (Joan Mills), Peter Butler (Marie Butler), E. Scott Calvert (Karen H.), Duncan A. Campbell†, Sam Carmalt†, John M. Carney (4: Marti Heil-Carney), Franklyn H. Carrington (4: Carolyn Carrington), Cecil Chang† (Annie Chang), Stephen D. Chapman† (Linda Chapman), Frankland F. Cheung, Dugald D. Chisholm (3: Mary Alice Chisholm), Henry N. Christensen (Timothy Christensen), Steven Clark† (Joan Clark), Stephen M. Clement, John D. Cochrane† (3: Kathleen E. Cochrane), Howard A. Cohen† (Christine Cohen), Arthur Condliffe (4: Nancy Condliffe), Donald P. Copley, Russell Crawford (Donna Crawford), Lawrence Crocker (3: Dr. Nancy Crocker), Alan W. Cross, Edmund G. Crotty, Michael B. Crutcher (4: Judith Crutcher), E. Geoffrey Cullen, Michael Curtis† (Carey C. Curtis), Michael T. Dalby, Warren B. Daly, Eugene R. Dattel† (Joanna Migdal), Carlton M. Davis†, Peter R. Day† (Mike Day), Charles Y. Deknatel† (Catherine Am Deknatel), Michael Del Balso† (Dudley Del Balso), Bruce Detwiler†, Vernon Devine†, John Dickson†, Russell Dilley, Peter B. Dooley† (Linda Dooley), Malcolm R. Douglas, Jack H. Dunn (3: Rosemary Dunn), Bruce A. Eberle, Bruce M. Eckert (1), Douglas A. Eldridge, K. Thomas Elghanayan (3: Sharon Elghanayan), Ted Elliott, John C. Fager (Patti Fager), Anwar A. Fancy (Saeeda Fancy), Alvin W. Fargo, Charles N. Farmer (Serene Farmer), William D. Farnam, Paul E. Farren (4: Vivian Farren), Ralph F. Faville (1), Howell L. Ferguson (Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson), Lewis H. Ferguson† (Lauralee Matthews), Thomas F. Fiorito (2: Pam Fiorito), Anthony M. Fitzgerald (3: Anne J. Fitzgerald), William M. Folberth (Elizabeth Folberth), Edward D. Folland†, James S. Fox†, John Foy† (2: Paula Foy), Richard W. Frank† (Barbara K. Frank), Joseph S. Freeman (Cynthia Freeman), Horace W. French† (Carol French), Stephen R. Friedlander† (Ann Eisenberg), Donald E. Gastwirth, Richard A. Gerard (3: Gail Gerard), Gilbert E. Gildea, Stephen E. Gilhuley (Anna Gilhuley), Peter Gisolfi (1), Richard Glazier (Judy Glazzier), Thomas F. Godfrey† (Carole Godfrey), Geoffrey M. Graeber (2: Janet Graeber), Tone N. Grant† (Kati Grant), Halcott P. Green† (Therese Green), Richard C. Green, William G. Green (3: Shand Green), Mark H. Greene (2: Doris D. Greene), Peter H. Greenwalt (2: Bobbie Greenwalt), Mark E. Greenwold (Betty Greenwold), James G. Groninger, Richard J. Gusberg (Susan Hill Forster), Walter M. Guterbock†, John A. Hamilton† (Jocelyn Hamilton), Jerome Hamlin†, William R. Hammock (Jackie Hammock), Joseph Hanlon (2: Bev Hanlon), Theodore Hannan† (Kimiko Hahn), William M. Hannay (4: Donna Hannay), David Hansen† (Mickey Hansen), John R. Harpold (2: John C. Harpold), Norman Harris† (Linda Harris), W. Gibson Harris (3: Pam Harris), Lynn H. Harrison, John C. Harvey (2: Kazie Harvey), Lee E. Hassig, Robert L. Hatcher† (Juliet Hatcher), David R. Hathaway (3: Nancy Hathaway), Thomas J. Hayes, Stanley I. Hegg†, Guy L. Heinemann (Anne Heinemann), Frank O. Heintz (2: June Heintz), Raymond T. Heizer† (Hannelore), Jeffrey D. Hill (Diana Hill), James Hoak, Ralph H. Hobart, Peter R. Holbrook†, James E. Howard (2: Marianne Howard), Edmund G. Howe†, Robert D. Hughes (Barbara Hughs), G. Watts Humphrey† (Sally Humphrey), Douglas L. Hurley, James N. Hyde†, Thomas B. Hyman (3: Jennie Hyman), Thomas C. Israel (4: Barbara Israel), Clifton Iverson, Josh Jensen, Donald Johnston†, Hugh M. Jones (2: Lee Jones), Stuart K. Jones, M. Albin Jubitz (Nancy Jubitz), Gerald H. Kahn, James Kaplan†, Stephen Karas† (Candy Karas), Samuel R. Karetsky (2: Nancy Anne Karetsky), Charles B. Kaufmann (Patty Kaufmann), Leo Kayser (1), Bingham Kennedy (4: Betsey Kennedy), John F. Kerry, John R. King† (3: Feather King), Thomas D. Kitch (Sally Kitch), John G. Kneen†, Walter L. Knorr (Ann-Laurie Knorr), Douglas Knott†, Peter K. Kompaniez† (Valerie Kompaniez), Allen J. Kone† (3: Ann Scott Kone), Jeffrey Koplan (3: Carol Koplan), Cary A. Koplin (2: Sherry Koplin), Mark A. Korsten (Susan Korsten), Uldis Kruze†, James M. Landwehr, Ivar Larsen (3: Barbara L. Larsen), Andrew R. Lear, John R. Lease† (5: Linda Lease), Darrow A. Lebovici† (Meg Lebovici), David E. Lefevre, Van H. Leichliter (Irene Leichliter), Guy David Leveaux† (Cheryl Leveaux), George M. Levin (3: Nancy Levin), Jeffrey Lewis (Gayle Lewis), Donald B. Liberman (3: Anya Liberman), Jonathan D. Lieff† (3: Karen Lieff), John A. Lindburg, Stephen P. Lindsay (Linda Lindsay), Benjamin Liptzin (Sharon Liptzin), George S. Littell (3: Jane Littell), Donald C. Little† (Shahale Litle), Michael M. Lonergan (Joan Lonergan), Richard E. Look (3: Jeannie N. Look), Henry Lucas† (Ellen Lucas), Luke D. Lynch (Nancy Lynch), Mark Lynch, B. MacLaughlin†, Thomas D. Maher†, Howard Mallory, Robert J. Malovany (Maureen Malovany), Peter J. Mandell†, Jedediah E. Mannis, Edward C. Marschner (Sara Rudner), Carl N. Martin† (2: Samantha Martin), William M. Mathers, Thomas J. McCaffrey† (Donna McCaffrey), L. Thorne McCarty† (Mary Lynne Mitchel), Glenn B. McClelland† (3: Bebet McClelland), Peter R. McCombs† (3: Elaine McCombs), E. Dandridge McDonald†, James H. McInerney†, William S. McKee† (Beverly McKee), Daniel McNamee, David W. Mette† (Colleen Mette), J. Gregg Miller (Mary Miller), J. David Mills (Sherry Mills), Leonard Milstone† (Ellen Milstone), Howard Moffett (Karin Moffett), Edward Mogul, William Monaghan† (Gail Monaghan), David E. Monahan† (Sally Monahan), Paul Morosky†, Guy B. Moss† (2: Joyce Green Moss), William K. Mueller† (Melissa Mueller), Terrance J. Mullin† (3: Natasha Mullin), James Munson (Melinda Munson), Bruce Murrie, Frederick Nagle, Chris Noble†, Laurence Norton (2: Helen Norton), Martin J. Oberman†, Thomas O’Brien†, Patrick L. Ogle†, Bernard D. Olmsted, Thomas J. Opladen (2: Randi Opladen), Harold H. Osborn, Kenneth Ott (Marilyn Rimmer Ott), Lansing R. Palmer (Patricia S. Palmer), Robert J. Paluck†, George Pappas†, Jeffrey J. Parish, Michael F. Parry† (Patricia Parry), Waring Partridge (3: Julia Partridge), Day Patterson, Richard Pearsall†, Scott Peterson† (Jean Peterson), Carl Pike†, David E. Pinkham†, David D. Platt, Thomas W. Porter, Dean L. Potter, Robert L. Pratter (4: Gene Pratter), Roger Putzel† (3: Georgette Putzel), Robert Rabkin† (4: Angela Rabkin), Patrick A. Randolph (Dr. Marita Barkis), David Rapaport, Neil S. J. Raymond (5: Betty Raymond), Peep Rebassoo, Leslie E. Reese† (Judith C. Reese), John H. Reid (2: Macy Reid), Roger Reiser† (Hanne Reiser), Rene H. Reixach†, Joseph Remcho†, Kirk Ressler†, David Reuben, Bruce L. Reynolds† (Yoke San Reynolds), Carlos Richardson†, David B. Rigney, Robert W. Riordan (4: Wendy Riordan), James S. Roberts† (Beth B. Roberts), William H. Rodgers (1), Sigourney B. Romaine, Jonathan Romeyn (Mary E. Romeyn), Gerald A. Rosenberg (2: Rosalind Rosenberg), Roy M. Rubin (2: Anita Rubin), Joel F. Rubinstein (Lisa Rubinstein), James B. Rule†, William Ruth†, Frank P. Samford† (3: Sharon Stamford), Allen H. Sandler (2: Etta L. Sandler), Ernest Sarason† (Alex Sarason), John P. Sawyer (3: Susan Sawyer), Bernard P. Schachtel (Susan Schachtel), Steven Schatzow (Margaret Schatzow), Edward B. Self† (4: Linda Self), Martin L. Senzel (2: Dagni Senzel), Charles Seymour III† (3: Roberta W. Seymour), Vincent J. Sharkey (Joyce Sharkey), Steven Shelov (Marsha Shelov), Theodore P. Shen (2: Carol Shen), Brock Sherman†, Burt R. Shurly†, Ronald L. Singer (Anne Singer), Samuel Sipes (Bertha Sipes), Charles E. Skubas (2: Sarah L. Skubas), Dean Smylie, Richard S. Snierson, Edward J. Snyder (3: Dot N. Snyder), Henry V. Soper, A. Gilchrist Sparks† (Mimi Sparks), L. Caesar Stair† (Dorothy B. Stair), William B. Stanberry (Sandra Stanberry), Herbert Stein (Diana Stein), John D. Stiefel (Joyce Stiefel), Harry C. Stone† (Sally Stone), Jon Streltzer (Linda Gooleski), Charles R. Strotz (Lorna Strotz), Robert E. Sullivan† (Petra Sullivan), Robert W. Sullivan, Chris A. Swindells† (Heidi Swindells), James E. Swinger (3: Carol Swinger), Richard S. Swingle (Bennett Swingle), Tedwilliam Theodore† (3: Lynn Sloan-Theodore), William Thomas† (2: Joan Thomas), Eugene L. Thompson†, David Thorne† (Rosie Thorne), Stephen B. Timbers (2: Elaine Timbers), Denis R. Tippo (2: Madelyn Tippo), Richard C. Tolbert†, Otis H. Troupe†, Thadeus F. Tuleja†, Timothy W. Tunney (Meredith Tunney), Thomas P. Turchan (3: Mimi Vail Turchan), John C. Tuten† (3), Robert W. Ulery, Joseph Upton (Linda Upton), William Urich† (Jeanne Urich), John D. Valiente (2: Maggie Valiente), Joseph S. von Kaenel (2: Carol von Kaenel), William V. Wagner (Kay Wagner), J. Deane Waldman (Mary Waldman), Christopher Walker, Laurence Walker, Alvin C. Warren (Judy Warren), Sam Watkins (Bonnie Watkins), William B. Watt† (Sue Watt), Dean A. Weidner (Wendy Weidner), Henry M. Weil† (2: Laura M. Weil), George H. Weiler (Mary Ann Weiler), Gregory Weiss, Charles D. Weller (Pam Morgan), John C. West† (3: Mary G. West), John C. Westcott, Tracy J. Whitaker (Cathy H. Witaker), Robert E. White (3: Linda White), Ronald B. White (4: Andrea White), David Whitridge† (Brbara Whitridge), F. Case Whittemore, Robert B. Whittredge, Hynrich W. Wieschhoff (4: Anne Wieschhoff), Breckenridge L. Willcox† (2: Laura Henderson), Alexander H. Williams (Patra Williams), Richard C. Williamson†, Thomas B. Wilner (Jane Wilner), Leigh A. Wilson† (Marilyn Wilson), Stephen Wing†, Peter Woerner† (Linn Julian Woerner), Michael Woleben†, G. Van Velsor Wolf (Ann K. Wolf), Andrew M. Wolfe† (Sandra Wolfe), Timothy J. Wollaeger† (Cindy K. Wollaeger), Thomas M. Wyman† (Llana A. W. Wyman), Elliott A. Yolles†, Terence F. Young, John G. Zornig


† First time at a Reunion

(Guests: Guest names)


Disclaimer: The historical attendance records have been recreated from files and lists thought to be accurate but no guarantee as to completeness. If you are not listed for a reunion you attended or if you are listed and did not attend, please email us and we will correct the lists. The easiest way to check is to look up your name in the “Classmates who have attended a Reunion” list. By your name will be a list of the Reunions our records show you as having attended.