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30th Reunion


Cary A. Koplin


They were everywhere…from Calhoun to the Co-op, Commons to the Old Campus, the Doodle to Mory’s. No, not the supporters of Yale’s unions, rather those blue and white striped jackets. Appropriately dubbed “Koplin’s Poplins” by Reunion Co-Chair Lansing Palmer, it was the fabulous Yale ‘66 reunion sportcoat that made the statement of the day, “We are here and we are having a helluva good time back at Mother Yale.” Yale ‘66 was in full force and the swarms of dudded-up classmates let all returning alumni know that we are proud to be recognized as part of a great old era…the Brewster years.

The Reunion weekend was blessed with the best weather in memory. And our program was pretty special too! The 151 returning classmates with their 124 spouses/friends/children in tow embraced magnificent Calhoun College and basically never left. Yes, we did cross Elm Street on Friday afternoon to hear John Whitman’s spouse, Christie, hold court in a joint panel with Yale ‘71 and we did go to the Sterling Memorial Library Memorabilia Room on Saturday afternoon to celebrate and honor Jim and Nancy Hoak’s gift to Yale. Will Rodgers organized a class row up at the boat house Saturday A.M. and Biff Folberth’s gang hacked up the golf course on Friday. But by and large, we stayed close to Calhoun. Friday night’s Class Dinner was a sea of blue and white…reunion jackets were required. Josh Jensen’s Calera Chardonnay was consumed and Mike Fargo’s birthday was celebrated. So was Waring and Julia Partridge’s anniversary… they were married the weekend of our 25th Reunion five short years ago. Class awards were presented to Andy Berkman, Jim Hoak, Steve Timbers, John Whitman, Tim Wollaeger, and Terry Young. (Greg Weiss, my long-toiling Co-Class Secretary, was a late arrival and received his well-deserved award the next day) Class elections were held…the results will be detailed in the next column (no, not too close to call or a recount in progress, just a shortage of space this month). The post-dinner song fest was a roaring success with the sounds of male voices projecting well beyond the bounds of the Calhoun courtyard. Rich Look played piano well beyond midnight…even David Pinkham who came in from Antwerp lasted ‘til nearly two a.m.

Saturday morning came quickly and the Class Panel speakers – Tom Barry, Don Bickford, Steve Brody, Steve Clement, Bill Hannay (he’s a candidate to replace Letterman!), Jim Munson, Tom Porter, Will Rodgers, Steve Shelov, Richard Tolbert, Case Whittemore, and Tim Wollaeger made poignant and powerful statements on a broad range of lifestyle and Yale topics. It set the mood and ignited the warm and re-uning feelings for the weekend.  President Levin came to our picnic appropriately adorned in his own Yale ‘66 jacket. His comments, which complemented Linda Lorimer’s earlier briefing of the class on happenings at Yale, included well-deserved kudos for Messrs Folberth, Greenwald, and Hoak for raising more money for the 30th Reunion gift than the 25th…an unusual feat…$4.7 million and counting. The Class photo on the Library steps will be sent to all classmates in the Fall. Yet the weekend was not just fun and joy…the class memorial service led by Terry Young to remember the 56 classmates who have died since September 1962 gave us all good reason to be thankful that we were together.

The Saturday night dinner and dance, well, all you need to know was the entertainment…Rich Look and the Boomers with the Uptown Horns and the Vicious Bitches. It was the best show on campus! We had visitors/crashers from every reunion except Yale ‘31 and we welcomed them all. The party was over at three a.m. but very few wanted to end the weekend. Our reunion clerks and the staff at Calhoun had been the best.  And we are all eagerly anticipating the Class events planned around the country leading up to our 35th scheduled during Yale’s 300th in May 2001. See you there!


Classmates in attendance

Clark Abbott (Sara), Delane E. Anderson (Susan), Daniel Barbiero, Wm. Anderson Barnes, Hamlet J. Barry (Gail), Thomas C. Barry, Douglas G. Beckman (2: Rachel), Frederick W. Beinecke, Andrew S. Berkman (Nancy), Donald A. Bickford (Tom Rizer), James H. Bodurtha (Elisabeth), Erno R. Bonebakker†, Rex J. Bowser (Marilyn Saxman), R. Huntington Breed, Herbert C. Broadfoot† (Nancy), Steven N. Brody (Susan), Robert W. Brundige (Kay), Harvey H. Bundy (Blakely), William A. Burck (Claudette), Michael Busko, Duncan A. Campbell, John M. Carney (4: Marti), Franklyn H. Carrington (Carolyn), Frankland F. Cheung, Henry N. Christensen (3: Susan), Stephen M. Clement (Sally), Howard A. Cohen (Christine), Arthur Condliffe, Donald P. Copley (Andrea), Edmund G. Crotty, Warren B. Daly (Jain Himot), Russell Dilley, Adam Donovan†, Malcolm R. Douglas, Bruce A. Eberle, Douglas A. Eldridge (Benna), Ted Elliott, John C. Fager (Patti), Alvin W. Fargo (Sarah), William D. Farnam, Paul E. Farren (Cassie), Ralph F. Faville (Carol), Howell L. Ferguson, Anthony M. Fitzgerald (Anne), William M. Folberth (Liz), Joseph S. Freeman (Cynthia), Donald E. Gastwirth (Molly McClain), Tull N. Gearreald (Nely), Richard A. Gerard (2: Gail), Peter Gisolfi (Fay Kimerling), Richard Glazier (Judith), Mark E. Greenwold (Betty), John A. Hamilton(Widow) (John Paul Hamilton), William M. Hannay (Donna), John R. Harpold, W. Gibson Harris, Richard Hart†, John C. Harvey (3: Kazie), Thomas J. Hayes (Sherrill), Marc Hecht (2: Anne Wilder), Guy L. Heinemann, Raymond T. Heizer (Hannelore), James Hoak (3: Nancy), Robert D. Hughes (Barbara), Douglas L. Hurley, Thomas C. Israel, Josh Jensen (Chole Jensen), Gregory D. Jones† (Barbara), M. Albin Jubitz, Gerald H. Kahn (Barbara Stark), Steven C. Kany† (Lori), James Kaplan, Samuel R. Karetsky (Nancy), Gary C. Karschmer (Barbara Law), Leo Kayser, Bingham Kennedy (Betsy), Thomas D. Kitch (Sally), Jeffrey Koplan (Carol), Cary A. Koplin (Sherry), Mark A. Korsten (Susan), Ivar Larsen (Barbara), Andrew R. Lear (Candace Rylander), John R. Lease (2: Linda), George M. Levin (Nancy), John A. Lindburg, Stephen P. Lindsay (Linda), Richard P. Livingston, Richard E. Look (Cassandra Sharpe), Luke D. Lynch (1), Mark Lynch, Robert J. Malovany (Maureen), Thomas J. McCaffrey (Donna), Jeffrey T. McGrath†, Daniel McNamee (2: Susie), Edward Mogul, James Munson (3: Melinda), Bruce Murrie, Martin J. Oberman (Bonnie), Thomas J. Opladen (2: Randi), Lansing R. Palmer (Hillary Winship), Waring Partridge (Julia Jitkoff), David E. Pinkham, Thomas W. Porter (Izola Reynolds), Dean L. Potter, Robert L. Pratter (2: Gene), Jonathan Price (David Price), Peep Rebassoo (Cindy Taylor), Algernon B. Reese† (2: Catherine Mallinckrodt), John H. Reid (Macy), Bruce L. Reynolds (Yoke San), David B. Rigney, Robert W. Riordan, William H. Rodgers (2: Christine Johnson), Sigourney B. Romaine, Jonathan Romeyn (Mary), Roy M. Rubin (Anita), William T. Sandalls†, Allen H. Sandler, James C. Sanford, John P. Sawyer (Susan), Martin L. Senzel (2: Dagni), Vincent J. Sharkey (Joyce), Steven Shelov (Marsha), Theodore P. Shen (Carol), Burt R. Shurly (2: Nancy Elby), John Siler (Emily), Charles R. Strotz (Lorna), Joel Suttenberg, Richard S. Swingle (Bennett), Stephen B. Timbers (Elaine), Denis R. Tippo (Madelyn), Richard C. Tolbert, Timothy W. Tunney, John D. Valiente (Maggie), Robert J. Van Leeuwen† (Richenda), Joseph S. von Kaenel (Margaret), Christopher Walker, Alvin C. Warren (Judith), Sam Watkins, Dean A. Weidner (Wendy), George H. Weiler (Mary Ann), Gregory Weiss (Karen), Thomas S. Weisser†, Charles D. Weller (Lucy), Tracy J. Whitaker (Cathy), John R. Whitman†, F. Case Whittemore (Anne), Timothy J. Wollaeger (Cindy), David A. Worth† (Barbara), Terence F. Young


† First time at a Reunion

(Guests: Guest names)


Disclaimer: The historical attendance records have been recreated from files and lists thought to be accurate but no guarantee as to completeness. If you are not listed for a reunion you attended or if you are listed and did not attend, please email us and we will correct the lists. The easiest way to check is to look up your name in the “Classmates who have attended a Reunion” list. By your name will be a list of the Reunions our records show you as having attended.