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5th Reunion


Cary A. Koplin


Responding with the largest attendance for a Fifth Reunion in 10 years, the Class of 1966 carried forward its tradition of dedication to Yale, camaraderie, and, of course, good times at all times.

Over 150 graduates plus 100 wives and children packed Davenport College and thrived on the hospitality of Master and Mrs. Taft and the diverse program offered by the Reunion Committee. Neither the employees’ strike which wasn’t settled until after Reunion had begun nor the theft of our Y ’66 crew shirts could dampen the spirits of the men of ’66.

Classmates began arriving Friday a.m. in perfect weather (which continued throughout the weekend) and by late afternoon numbered over 100 strong.  Following an interesting Student Forum open to all reunion classes, our Class held an open forum coordinated by Doug Yates. For many this was the highlight of the weekend with spirited discussions on topics ranging from the employees strike to Vietnam to coeducation to class officers to drugs to John Kerry. . . Messrs. Sawyer and Romaine, among others, provided the food for thought while Dave Milch, as usual, added the color.

Cocktails with several current Yale students and members of the student forum pre­ceded the Friday Class Dinner at Commons.  Upon return to Davenport, a brief class meeting was held and votes of continued confidence were given to our existing Secretary and Treasurer, Doug Yates and Jim Groninger.  We were then addressed by John Kerry, Class Orator and current head of VVAW.  John’s comments were well chosen, but I think he’d agree that he’s had no tougher audience. President Brewster visited for well over an hour and small group discussions continued into the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday morning we gave pause to remember those 11 classmates whose lives were cut short as Rev. Coffin conducted a stirring Memorial Service for our reunion class.  The Yale Forum followed with President Brewster and several Corporation members expertly fielding queries from alumni.

Then came the outing.  Two hundred of us traveled to the lower soccer field near the Bowl for an afternoon of sporting, eating and drinking.  The victuals were good, the beer (although somewhat tardy due to a faulty tap) plentiful, and the athletic competitions keen. The Galvanized Washboard Band played honky tonk while we soaked up the sunshine and good company.  Our thanks to Bob Brundige and Gib Harris for their organizational acumen. Later that afternoon, we returned to Davenport with renewed friendships and a sure feeling that the Reunion was Good.  Before dinner that evening, cocktails with a dozen of Yale’s faculty including Messrs. Miller, Tobin, Barber, Gordon, duQ. Adams, Osterweis, Spence, Taft and Chauncey provided another view of Yale 1971.

The Davenport courtyard was the scene of Saturday evening’s Rock Dance. The music provided by `The Rockets” was very danceable, somewhat reminiscent of the early `60’s and most certainly long lasting . . . we sent them home at 2 a.m., everyone satiated with loud sounds and good times.

Sunday was quiet . . . the Service of Re­membrance and the Old Campus cookout tolled the end of our first Reunion.  It had been a fine time … it came quickly and was over even faster. So good was the weekend that even our Class Baby, Simon Kalba, was too “hung-over” to receive his silver bowl.  Some will never forget Brundige and his elephant toothbrush or Busko and the gorilla flicks, or Hedlund’s strange ritual dance on the green courtyard ground. We came from Hawaii, from Oregon, Texas, and New Haven all to be together, to re-live and to grow. It had been something different for everyone but a success for all.


Classmates in attendance

Clark Abbott*, Delane E. Anderson*, Richard Andrews, L. Kirk Baird*, William Bangs, Thomas C. Barry, Robert Barth*, Jules E. Bernard, Kenneth Bernhard, Donald A. Bickford, Timothy M. Bradford, R. Huntington Breed, Steven N. Brody*, Robert W. Brundige, Michael Busko*, E. Scott Calvert, Woodrow Campbell*, Joseph Carnwath*, Franklyn H. Carrington*, Dugald D. Chisholm*, Kenneth Coleman*, Donald P. Copley*, Marshall Craig*, Russell Crawford*, Alan W. Cross*, Edmund G. Crotty, E. Geoffrey Cullen*, Michael T. Dalby*, Malcolm R. Douglas*, Hugh Duncan*, Jack H. Dunn*, Bruce M. Eckert*, Douglas A. Eldridge*, Alvin W. Fargo*, William D. Farnam, Carl Farrington, Thomas F. Fiorito*, Anthony M. Fitzgerald*, William M. Folberth*, Frank Forester, John Franzen*, Tull N. Gearreald*, Robert Geeseman*, Gilbert E. Gildea, Peter Gisolfi*, William G. Green, James G. Groninger*, William R. Hammock*, William M. Hannay, John R. Harpold*, W. Gibson Harris, Francis Hartley, Lee E. Hassig*, Thomas J. Hayes*, Marc Hecht, James Hedlund*, Frank O. Heintz*, James E. Howard, Douglas L. Hurley*, Thomas C. Israel*, Bruce Jorgensen*, M. Albin Jubitz*, Gerald H. Kahn, Konrad K. Kalba*, Gary C. Karschmer, Stephen Kaufman*, Leo Kayser, John F. Kerry, James Knowles*, Eric Kofoid, Cary A. Koplin*, Mark A. Korsten, Ivar Larsen*, Geoffrey Law, George M. Levin*, Donald B. Liberman, Gerald Lieberg*, George S. Littell, Luke D. Lynch*, William MacDonald*, Peter Maher*, Robert J. Malovany*, Daniel McNamee, Larry Meissner*, Teodoro Menocal*, J. Gregg Miller*, Howard Moffett, Edward Morris*, Charles Murphy*, Bruce Murrie*, Frederick Nagle, William Nelson, Kenneth Oliver, Bernard D. Olmsted, Lansing R. Palmer*, Waring Partridge, Arnold Pietola, John Regan, David B. Rigney, Scott Robb, John Robinson, William H. Rodgers*, Sigourney B. Romaine, Roy M. Rubin, Lawrence Ruzow, John P. Sawyer*, Mark E. Schaefer, Steven Schatzow*, Barry Schumaker*, Henry Scott*, Vincent J. Sharkey*, Steven Shelov*, John Siler, Bryan Simms, Ronald L. Singer*, Charles E. Skubas, Robert L. Smick, Cameron M. Smith, Carl D. Smith, Richard S. Snierson*, Edward J. Snyder*, Henry V. Soper, Peter Stambler, Herbert Stein*, Jon Streltzer*, John F. Sullivan, Robert W. Sullivan*, James E. Swinger*, Richard S. Swingle*, Stephen B. Timbers, Thomas P. Turchan, Robert W. Ulery, Joseph Upton, Thomas Vargish*, James Walters*, Alvin C. Warren*, Dean A. Weidner*, John C. Westcott*, Thomas W. Whitaker, Tracy J. Whitaker*, Hynrich W. Wieschhoff, Burton Willingham*, Gregg Wilson*, G. Van Velsor Wolf*, Frederick Wolferman*, Douglas Yates*, Mark Zanna*, John G. Zornig

* With guest


Disclaimer: The historical attendance records have been recreated from files and lists thought to be accurate but no guarantee as to completeness. If you are not listed for a reunion you attended or if you are listed and did not attend, please email us and we will correct the lists. The easiest way to check is to look up your name in the “Classmates who have attended a Reunion” list. By your name will be a list of the Reunions our records show you as having attended.