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Charles E. Lawing, Jr.

Died: October 13, 1992

Charles Edward (Eddie) Lawing, Jr. died on October 13, 1992. He graduated from West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC. At Yale he was a psychology major and member of the Berkeley College football team. He was college captain of Alpha Phi Omega and a director of the Yale Volunteer Speakers and Entertainers Bureau. After graduating from Yale, Eddie joined the Coast Guard and then, having served his tour of duty, got his M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina. Eddie’s professional life was spent with the telephone company, Southern Bell, which went through various transmogrifications, eventually becoming AT&T. Eddie ended up living and working in Atlanta until his sudden and unexpected death from a heart attack in 1992. Eddie married Judy Edmundson at about the time that he left the Coast Guard. They had three sons, all of whom are doing well, according to his brother, Tom Lawing, “having had the benefit of good fathering.” Two of Eddie’s sons are now living in Atlanta, and one in Arkansas.

Gerald Kahn remembers:

Charles Edward Lawing, Jr. was my roommate freshman year. He and I were two of four in 1093 Bingham.

I remember Eddie as a lanky kid with swept back blond hair, a kind of Elvis haircut or, more to the point for those of us who came to Yale in 1962, a public school hairdo. Looking back on it more than fifty years later, Eddie’s first year, as for most of us, was a time of adjustment. Eddie was smart and diligent, but he did not easily fulfill the criteria by which we judged one another in those days. He was a bit raw, a bit unsophisticated, and quite Southern, right down to his “Aw Shucks” manner of speech.

We did not stay in touch for the rest of our time at Yale nor afterwards. When I read of his death in the Yale Alumni Magazine, I was shocked and saddened. He died too young, and I felt more than a pang that I had lacked the curiosity and empathy to get to know him better in the year that we lived together.

I do not know what his life was like at Yale and afterwards. I hope that time and experience were kind to him and that he grew beyond the eighteen year old boy who came to New Haven in September 1962.