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David J. Reuben

David ReubenDied: November 30, 2023

David Reuben was born September 22, 1944 in Akron, Ohio to Albert G and Sara I Reuben. He was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated from Shortridge High School there. He entered Yale in September 1962 and graduated Summa Cum Laude as an Economics major in the Class of 1966. He was a member of Saybrook College and chosen for Omicron Delta Epsilon. After Yale he studied at Harvard Law School and earned an MS in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University in 1970.

David had a number of chronic medical conditions and anticipating his death he prepared the following summary of his life.

“In 1982 he invented a series of bond calculators and founded Decision Programming Corporation to produce, market and distribute the new ‘state-of-the-industry’ product line. Each device conferred a competitive advantage to stockbrokers, bond traders et al. that in turn yielded remarkable organic sales growth. They were soon in use in most financial institutions nationwide including the largest firms on Wall Street and later in the financial centers of Europe.

“Always acutely aware of the immense suffering of animals everywhere – in factory farms, laboratories, entertainment, the fashion industry, to wildlife and by simple neglect – David next focused on philanthropy advancing animal protection.
He was a founding high donor for nonprofits that later became large, then global and often transformative regarding the welfare of animals. He was also the primary supporter and champion for promising start-up nonprofits that he mentored and guided, many of which have become well-established organizations that continue to have notable and lasting successes for animals. Several leaders of the animal protection movement worldwide are in roles which David shaped and encouraged. He also conceived, initiated, and for decades supported the David Reuben Clerkships program for young lawyers pursuing the new field of animal law. https://aldf.org/article/david-reuben-clerkships/

“David produced an award-winning documentary film exposing the gross exploitation of elephants in Thailand. He also supported the publication of several books on animal related subjects. He was also generous on a smaller scale: to street people, to stray animals, and to like-minded friends on several continents.

“David passed away on 11/30/2023. He is survived by a powerful army of dedicated animal advocates across the U.S., in Europe and in Asia whose work David encouraged and supported throughout the years. He is also survived by the countless animals on multiple continents whose lives were improved or saved because of David.”

— His own words