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Edmonstone F. Thompson, Jr.

Died: July 31, 1988

Ted came to Yale in September, 1962 after having attended both St. Louis Country Day School and St George’s School. Freshman year he roomed with Sandy Shapleigh and then was in Morse College. He became the president of the Dramat and was also a member of Manuscript. In the 1966 Banner he suggested that theatre production was going to be his life’s work, and Sandy has accurately caught that career in his Remembrance of Ted. Ted died July 31, 1988.

Alexander Shapleigh remembers:

Ted Thompson and I were roommates at Yale in our freshman year. He was originally from St. Louis, MO where we first knew each other, and had then gone to St. George’s School in Rhode Island before entering Yale. At Yale he became the head of the Yale Dramatic Society (Yale Dramat) and after graduation led a very successful career in the New York and Washington, DC theater worlds. In the early 1970s he was company manager of The Rothschilds and then general manager of Oh! Calcutta! in New York. I saw him from time to time in Washington in the late 70s when he was high up in the management of the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center, but after that lost touch. He was in Sicily when he passed away in 1988. He was brilliant, a whirlwind personality, and an absolutely delightful friend, particularly in our corridor in Morse College where the other residents included McCarty, Deknatel, Regan, Sullivan, and Reiss. He left us far too early.