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Franklyn H. Carrington Jr. (Frank)

Died: July 23, 2016

Fifty years! Carolyn and I probably hold the record for the longest same spouse marriage of over 50 years.

Three children all with their own families: Bif (FHC III) in real estate and acting, his wife Isabelle head of the drama school at The Warner Theater in Torrington, CT, living in New Hartford, CT; Chris an attorney in Durham, NC and his wife Caroline, a regional marketing manager for Nationwide Insurance, both busy with children, Chase (Chris, Jr.), 12 years; and Camilla, 8 years; Paige a busy Mom in Lancaster, PA and her husband Matthew an electrophysiology-cardiologist running with two children: Carrington, 9 years; and Brooks, 6 years.

We’ve made time for family events here or there, though not as many or as long as we’d wish, given the geographic spread. We’ve managed to attend many Yale football games as a family and a number of us have also attended some of our reunions. Strange to hear comments such as “How many Carringtons are there?”

A number of my personal surgeries have dampened many of our prior pursuits of a physical nature, but not the spirit and enjoyment of family and friends.

This fall (2015) Chris Armstrong and I are coordinating a Davenport roomate mini-reunion at the Brown game and plan to see McKee, McClelland, Sipes, and Holt.

Professionally, I am still working in internal medicine private practice, although lately with some affiliation with one of our local hospitals in Springfield, MA.

Medicine in the private world has continued to become more difficult, with regulations and requirements of state and Federal rules as well as the insurance industry.

I have refused to embrace electronic medical records (EMRs) as an intrusion on our independence, patient privacy, and cost; as well as taking away direct eye-to-eye patient interaction. Most of my patients agree. I guess I’ll continue as always to be politically incorrect.

Yale has continued to pervade my life. So many growing experiences, friends, fun, and even some knowledge! It seems that not much else has influenced my life, or my family’s life as much.

I look forward to the 50th event, as we have not yet missed a reunion and plan to keep the tradition going…