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Malcolm Root Douglas

Died: March 23, 1998

Joan Douglas remembers:

I feel it fitting that I write something in memory of Mac’s 50th Yale Reunion. I know Mac would have definitely been at Yale to attend the event. Mac loved his time at Yale, and likely it was one of his top life experiences. Those experiences shaped his future interests and love for music, singing, Central and South American archaeology, and travel.

Mac grew up in River Forest, IL a suburb close to Chicago. Mac was second generation to attend Yale. His father Kenneth attended Yale in the late 1800s but never graduated. When Mac was seven, his father passed away in 1951 at the age of 77. Mac would share the story of discovering more about his father while at Yale. He decided to do some research and learn a little more about his father. Mac never knew his father’s real age as his mother kept it quiet that she had married a man 30+ years older than herself. Mac was shocked to finally learn that his father had been 70 years old when he was born. And at that time he and his father held the greatest age difference between father and son of Yale Alumni.

Mac’s favorite saying was “Life, life, a cup of life to quench the thirst of my soul.” At Yale he got that cup flowing, and it never stopped. He experienced so much while at Yale that he had an unbreakable passion for everything in life.

Mac and I had two children, Malcolm Jr. (Mac) 28 and Georgina (Gigi) 26. Both graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mac worked in finance. Gigi has just returned from traveling and painting her way through Central and South America and is now working in marketing and advertising in Boulder. I know Mac Sr. would be proud of our kids. They have become just the kind of people we wanted them to be.

Cheers to all of Yale’s 1966 Alumni, may you continue to make life count.