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YAM Notes: March/April 2023

By Gregory A. Weiss

A January 8 email from David Walker, David LeFevre’s roommate, says it all: “I am very sorry to share with you that David passed away this morning after a long, unforgiving trek with Alzheimer’s.” The two Davids went to high school together and had been close friends ever since. “Fev” served in the Peace Corps, obtained a law degree from the University of Michigan and worked for many years as a partner in the New York law firm of Reid & Priest, where he developed an international practice, eventually organizing the Tampa Bay Lightning, becoming its CEO and leading in the construction of the Ice Palace as well as the team’s successful run on the Stanley Cup and, later, becoming part owner of the Houston Astros. 

A short note from Chase Whittemore: “My wife, Patty, and I have decided to stop our twice yearly migrations between Williamsburg, Virginia and Tampa, Florida. We will live in Lutz, Florida all year long.”

And, lest you think that the Class has gone quiet, you should keep in mind that, during the period between the writing of these notes and your receipt of this issue of the YAM, we will have had at least two sessions of ‘66 Live and a class gathering in Crested Butte, CO for “Winterfest.” More details in the next issue.