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YAM Notes: March/April 2024

By Gregory A. Weiss

Thanks to Hank Lucas for informing us of the passing of Jim Rhea on September 11. Jim graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa and attended Vanderbilt Medical School where his father and brother had received their medical degrees. He became a prominent trauma radiologist on the faculty of Mass General Hospital in Boston.

James Duncan Robertson, PhD, professor emeritus French at the Department of English and World Languages at Augusta University, CA, died on November 26, 2023 at his home in Augusta. His specialty was medieval studies, and he was fluent in several languages.

Regular readers of this column will not miss the growing number of “obituary” paragraphs — not surprising at our ripe old age of 79 or so. And, as our class gets smaller, the YAM limits the amount of space we can take up with our class notes column. This limitation results in our obituary paragraphs being shorter and shorter. To make up for this (among other purposes), our team of memorialists, led by Tom Porter, prepares a more complete memorial for each deceased classmate and has it posted on the class website, Yale66.org. If you have some extra time some afternoon or evening, take a look at these memorials. They are fascinating.

‘66 LIVE continues to impress and amaze. Thanks again to Michael Dalby and Jesse Lovejoy for developing and hosting so many fascinating presentations. As of this writing there have been 20 of them going back to 2022. Go to Yale66.org to sign up for future presentations and to view or review those from the past. As an example, see January’s program with Jimmy Hatch, a 55-year-old engaging Yale senior enrolled in a special undergraduate program after a career as a member of Navy SEAL Team 6.