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YAM Notes: May/June 2021

By Gregory A. Weiss

By now everyone should be getting excited about the upcoming June 4-5 reunion. It is right around the corner! While not the same as a traditional in-person reunion, there is every reason to believe that it will be a lot of fun and a great success. See you on your computer screens! As a side benefit, we feel that we will all learn a lot about large virtual events which will enable us to develop more regular virtual Class events in the future and to update the Class website to make it more useful for Class functions.

Excerpts from a “status update” from Clark Abbott describing life in Houston during Texas’ February loss of power: “Our worst stretch was 36 straight hours without power, but we had at least 4 extended outages + continuous low water pressure = toilet water closets have to be refilled manually with a bucket. The only real inconvenience for me was no internet + all my battery-powered devices quickly went to zero. …I understand the concept that there is no such thing as cold weather, only inadequate clothing. …We have all sorts of trekking gear, so I slept very comfortably in 8 layers.”

Bill Urich was one of many Classmates asking back in January, “How can we organize ‘Save our 55th Reunion?'” Bill adds: “On a personal note, I have my two Moderna shots; Jeanne’s second is today. She has 30 days skiing in so far. I have zero, but no excuses now with my shots despite my other med immunity maladies, so I hope to start my season this week and see if I still enjoy it.”

Howie Mallory let us know of the passing in mid-February of Bob “Flash” Anderson in West Wyoming, PA. Apparently Flash had been in the hospital for non-Covid-related reasons. More information about him is being included in the In Memoriam supplement being prepared for the 55th reunion.