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In Memoriam, By Date of Death

* Asterisks denote those classmates who have died (or whose deaths have been reported to us) since our last reunion. In some cases, we had listed the classmate here but had not yet added a memorial. If you would like to add your own remembrance of a classmate, please email remembrances@yale66.org and we will add it. Thank you.

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* Foster J. Blair, II memorial 03/06/2024
* James A. Elliott   01/12/2024
* Bruce Harmon Detwiler memorial 01/10/2024
* David J. Reuben memorial 11/30/2023
* James Duncan Robertson memorial 11/23/2023
* Philip Angell Smith memorial 11/11/2023
* Jim Rhea memorial 09/11/2023
* Bruce Edward Rigney   08/18/2023
* Kenton George Forsythe memorial 07/09/2023
* Peter A. Gisolfi memorial, remembrance 06/15/2023
* Edward Geoffrey Cullen memorial 05/21/2023
* James Kerwin Catlin memorial 04/28/2023
* Roy A. Durham memorial 04/06/2023
* Steven Schatzow   04/01/2023
* Martin J. Mosko memorial 02/13/2023
* John A. Lindberg remembrance 02/13/2023
* Jules E. Bernard III memorial 02/12/2023
* David E. LeFevre memorial 01/08/2023
* James Douglas Knott memorial, remembrance 12/23/2022
* Christopher Bennett Ogden memorial, remembrances 08/27/2022
* Michael B. Crutcher memorial 07/24/2022
* Josh E. Jensen remembrances 06/11/2022
* Mark Chayer Stahl memorial 05/26/2022
* John M. ‘Jay’ Westcott, Jr. memorial 05/24/2022
* Randolph I. Fleming memorial 04/17/2022
* Dennis M. O’Sullivan memorial 04/12/2022
* Charles Carter “Corky” Hawk memorial, remembrances 02/03/2022
* Lawrence Jenkins Braman obituary 12/18/2021
* Jeremy Blake Crane memorial 09/06/2021
Thomas F. Slater memorial 05/26/2021
Charles B. ‘CB’ Kaufmann III memorial, remembrances 05/24/2021
* William Courtney Hass memorial 03/31/2021
Robert A. Anderson memorial 02/11/2021
* Harvey Forrest Bellin memorial 01/22/2021
Henry V. Soper memorial 11/05/2020
Glenn Anthony May memorial, remembrances 11/10/2020
Steven Allan Clark memorial 08/28/2020
William M. Hannay, III memorial 08/11/2020
Gregory Donovan Jones memorial 08/09/2020
Robert Arthur Bartlett memorial 08/03/2020
William E. Greiner memorial, remembrances 06/17/2020
Thomas Franklin Curtis memorial 05/05/2020
Edward Williams Blatchford memorial 04/19/2020
George Gilbert Musgrove memorial 03/28/2020
Mark P. Zanna memorial 02/22/2020
Thomas Clarkson O’Brien memorial 01/14/2020
Cris A. Swindells memorial 01/12/2020
John Arthur Works, Jr. memorial, remembrances 01/09/2020
Frank Park Samford, III memorial 12/10/2019
William Crispin Dale memorial 11/19/2019
Rev. Jedediah Mannis memorial 09/09/2019
Jitendra Kumar Singh memorial 09/05/2019
Anthony Michael Fitzgerald memorial 06/04/2019
David Schlossberg memorial, remembrances 02/28/2019
Michael Eugene Burns memorial 01/19/2019
Shams Hussein Bhaloo memorial 10/31/2018
David Patrick Rossiter, III memorial 10/26/2018
David R. Hathaway memorial 07/11/2018
Charles E. McGregor memorial, remembrances 06/05/2018
James S. Fox memorial 04/23/2018
Michael Paul Zarich memorial 04/20/2018
Ross S. Tippin, Jr. memorial 04/13/2018
E. Scott Calvert memorial, remembrances 03/16/2018
Edward C. Marschner memorial 03/01/2018
Peter Crichton Burchard memorial 02/24/2018
Rex J. Bowser memorial 02/05/2018
Richard M. Force memorial 01/30/2018
Frank O.A. Heintz memorial 01/24/2018
Robert Huntington Breed memorial 12/09/2017
B. Preston Thomas memorial 11/18/2017
Juan F. Punchin memorial 11/15/2017
Henry Norman Christensen memorial, remembrances 11/03/2017
Robert Welles Sullivan memorial 09/26/2017
Charles P. Jester memorial 09/21/2017
Griffin W. Okie memorial 07/07/2017
Gene L. Thompson memorial 07/02/2017
George D. Breck memorial 11/10/2016
Forrest David Laidley memorial 10/03/2016
Franklyn H. Carrington memorial 07/23/2016
Gregory Pechukas remembrances 07/21/2016
John P. Sawyer memorial, remembrances 05/19/2016
Jonathan C. Brown memorial 04/12/2016
Vincent M. Badger memorial, remembrances 02/05/2016
William Stratton Ray memorial 01/26/2016
Richard Barthen Gorman memorial 01/18/2016
John G. Kneen memorial 11/13/2015
William J. Vicic memorial, remembrances 10/15/2015
Peter Tillers memorial 10/03/2015
Albert R. Gordon remembrances 09/20/2015
John R. Whitman memorial, remembrances 07/02/2015
Harold Holmes Osborn memorial, remembrances 04/30/2015
John Warfield Armiger memorial, remembrances 03/04/2015
Charles M. Cronje memorial, remembrances 02/20/2015
Donald Edward Gastwirth memorial, remembrances 01/25/2015
Tone N. Grant memorial, remembrances 01/18/2015
James L. Powers memorial, remembrances 01/18/2015
James A. Wright memorial 01/18/2015
Douglas Thomas Yates memorial, remembrances 01/03/2015
Roy Mark Rubin memorial, remembrances 06/29/2014
James Harvey McInerney memorial, remembrances 06/12/2014
Barry D. Schumaker memorial 06/08/2014
Charles D. Murphy memorial, remembrances 02/28/2014
Paul Dampman Garrett DeVries memorial 01/06/2014
Hugh Johnston Hubbard memorial, remembrances 11/15/2013
William Ogden Hubbard memorial, remembrances 11/13/2013
Arnold A. Pietola memorial 08/28/2013
George Henry Weiler memorial, remembrances 05/29/2013
Samuel J.C. Townsend memorial 04/15/2013
Stanley Irving Hegg memorial, remembrances 03/21/2013
James Bradford Hedlund memorial, remembrances 02/23/2013
Robert Haydn Silleck memorial 01/06/2013
Raymond Thomas Heizer memorial 11/13/2012
Patrick A. Randolph memorial 10/12/2012
John G. Zornig memorial, remembrances 09/13/2012
Dean Arthur Gaver memorial 07/30/2012
Peter Nathaniel Winslow memorial 03/09/2012
Raymond W. Mushal memorial 03/08/2012
Richard Perry Leavitt memorial, remembrances 02/01/2012
David Rapaport memorial 01/13/2012
Alan Whittemore Cross remembrances 01/05/2012
Ralph Vallone memorial, remembrances 12/19/2011
Bert J. Schloss memorial 10/12/2011
Christopher W. Walker memorial, remembrances 08/31/2011
James W. Martin memorial 05/11/2011
Ronald Leonard Singer memorial, remembrances 03/24/2011
Richard F. Reiss memorial 03/04/2011
Steven Norman Brody memorial, remembrances 02/18/2011
Walter Guthrie Brunner memorial 01/20/2011
Robert D. Evans memorial, remembrances 01/16/2011
Geoffrey Gordon Harding memorial 01/11/2011
Charles E. Skubas memorial, remembrances 01/03/2011
William Berkeley Young memorial, remembrances 12/15/2010
Russell S. Crawford memorial, remembrances 09/14/2010
Tyler Bennett Brown memorial 07/17/2010
Hamlet J. Barry memorial, remembrances 05/02/2010
D Barry O’Connor remembrances 05/02/2010
Guy L. Heinemann memorial, remembrances 02/25/2010
Thomas George Walsh memorial 01/17/2010
Wycliffe S. Bennett memorial 10/09/2009
Gerald A. Rosenberg memorial, remembrances 09/05/2009
David Cameron Mackenzie memorial, remembrances 09/03/2009
Stanley Ivan Dodson memorial 08/23/2009
Harold Ashton Thomas memorial 05/17/2009
John R. Blossman memorial, remembrances 03/30/2009
William H. Rodgers memorial, remembrances 03/19/2009
Douglas Lee Hurley memorial, remembrances 06/13/2008
Michael Walter Waddell memorial, remembrances 11/26/2007
David Edward Rossman memorial 11/07/2007
Richard Colt Williamson remembrances 06/19/2007
John L. Eggleston memorial, remembrances 05/19/2007
Steven M. Fleisher memorial 05/03/2007
Timothy Lee Trusdell memorial 01/13/2007
Douglas Cragg Metcalf memorial 12/28/2006
Breckinridge Long Willcox memorial, remembrances 11/16/2006
Joseph Romeyn Calder memorial, remembrances 06/06/2006
Thomas Francis Godfrey memorial, remembrances 11/02/2005
Anwar Amirali Fancy memorial, remembrances 07/20/2005
Ralph Hastings Hobart memorial, remembrances 05/17/2005
George Henry Richmond memorial 08/23/2004
Redmond Lawrence D. Code memorial 03/26/2004
Paul Douglas Howson memorial, remembrances 02/01/2004
William Clayton Knittel memorial, remembrances 08/20/2003
Frederick Lane Sandback memorial, remembrances 06/23/2003
Joseph John Remcho memorial 01/04/2003
Damon Franz Rarey memorial, remembrances 12/15/2002
Thomas Ellsworth Toney memorial 11/20/2002
Lance Craig Carlson memorial, remembrances 08/03/2002
Ronald Russell Macdonald memorial 03/08/2002
Donald William Johnston memorial 01/07/2002
John Michael Armstrong memorial 08/04/2001
Otis Holloman Troupe memorial, remembrances 04/20/2001
William Alexander Burck memorial, remembrances 12/30/2000
Christopher Stone Dove memorial 04/20/2000
Paul Alan Titus memorial 12/07/1999
Mark Sullivan Siegchrist remembrances 10/21/1998
Philip Doty Caesar memorial, remembrances 03/27/1998
Malcolm Root Douglas memorial 03/23/1998
Thomas Michael Wyman remembrances 02/09/1998
Charles Seymour memorial, remembrances 12/11/1997
John Justin Regan memorial, remembrances 05/24/1997
Robert Lawrence Smick memorial 05/15/1997
John Trumbull Robinson memorial 12/14/1996
John Caldwell Calhoun Mayo memorial 11/12/1996
Robert James Paluck memorial 11/07/1996
John Anthony Hamilton memorial 11/01/1995
Leon Todd Garretson memorial 5/24/1995
William Louis Rosbe memorial 01/21/1995
Marcus Whitman Hedgcock memorial, remembrances 11/15/1994
Paul J Byrne memorial, remembrances 08/10/1994
Robert N. Ackerly memorial 02/14/1994
Robert E. Ader memorial 01/23/1993
John H. Dorr memorial, remembrances 01/01/1993
Harold Coleman Mitchell memorial 11/17/1992
Charles E. Lawing memorial, remembrances 10/13/1992
Mark E. Schaefer memorial 04/13/1992
David G. Hanes memorial 02/24/1991
C.A.P. Peters memorial, remembrances 07/04/1990
Frank L. Haynes memorial, remembrances 03/26/1990
Dennis A. Allred memorial, remembrances 02/01/1990
Edmonstone F. Thompson memorial, remembrances 07/31/1988
James Lawrence Hiney memorial 01/20/1988
Robert Thomas Farrell memorial, remembrances 01/16/1988
Mark J. F. Fischer memorial 12/15/1987
Thomas Warren Whitaker memorial 08/08/1987
Teodoro L. Menocal memorial 02/16/1987
Claiborne Campbell Jones memorial 12/21/1986
William Russell Robertson memorial 12/01/1984
Collin Walcott memorial 11/08/1984
Lynn George Ackley memorial, remembrances 05/11/1984
James Richard Davis memorial 02/01/1982
John W.D. Stallcup memorial, remembrances 06/29/1981
Geoffrey Suess Law memorial, remembrances 06/18/1980
George Sampson Hill memorial, remembrances 07/11/1979
Victor Alexis Woerheide memorial, remembrances 04/24/1979
John Morris Clark memorial, remembrances 01/20/1979
Thomas Raymond Rink memorial, remembrances 10/29/1978
Robert Allan Roth memorial 07/18/1978
John Andrew Monath memorial 05/28/1978
Corey Mester memorial 05/01/1977
William Harold Stipe memorial 07/21/1976
Carl Dawson Smith memorial 01/13/1976
Carl Lauppé memorial, remembrances 07/13/1974
Eric Eboe Otobo memorial 04/24/1974
Ronald James Traver memorial 03/01/1974
Donald Bruce Lively memorial 01/24/1974
Robert Lawrence Berry memorial, remembrances 03/01/1972
Michael Lloyd Healer memorial, remembrances 06/17/1971
Edward Joseph Mulligan memorial, remembrances 04/07/1971
Carl Rollins Greene memorial 10/11/1970
Channing Webster Hayes memorial, remembrances 10/24/1969
John Clyde White memorial, remembrances 11/01/1968
Richard Warren Pershing memorial, remembrances 02/17/1968
Thomas Edward Norton memorial, remembrances 01/21/1967
George Douglas McReynolds memorial 04/14/1966
Godfrey Christopher Benson Caldwell memorial, remembrances 03/31/1966
Michael Hugh Patrick memorial, remembrances 06/20/1965
Henry Finch Holland memorial 07/06/1964
James R. Anderson memorial, remembrances 04/01/1964
James Walter Joyce memorial, remembrances 04/01/1964
Lawrence Jay Pearson memorial Unknown