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Philip Doty Caesar

Died: March 27, 1998

Hugh Duncan remembers:

Phil and I met in the 10th grade at The Loomis School, where we had both been sent to shape up by frazzled parents; and we roomed together through Yale. Charming and easy-going on the surface, Phil’s high intelligence drove him to constantly question the status quo and to enthusiastically embrace the revolutionary ideals of the ’60s. He aced the law boards and Harvard Law School; but, after a few years practicing law in NYC, he headed west to earn an architecture degree from Berkeley. He lived a quiet counter culture life in San Francisco, variously raising bees then building solar energy homes. He married and raised two children. Phil died in an accident in his backyard in 1998 — much too young.

Denis Tippo remembers:
Phil was a classmate at Loomis School (CT). At Loomis we roomed near each other junior year in what was called the old gym. One winter Friday evening when the Hill School hockey team stayed overnight before a game with the Pelicans, Phil, I and a few others carried out a plan to keep the visiting team awake by shouting catcalls from the gym balcony to the visitors trying to sleep below. We were never discovered, and Loomis won the game the next day (with our help, of course)! Phil was a very bright guy who was taken from us too soon!