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Rex J. Bowser

Died: February 5, 2018

My life adventure began at Yale. It was also my passage beyond my family to adulthood. From that Yale experience I gained several important life elements. It provided my spiritual and intellectual foundations. Life took on a vision and expectation of adventure; and of growing through challenges. Some of these challenges were selected and others just in the cards played. They all served to help me grow.

The span of my adventure included moving from a base of knowledge and discipline of liberal arts and history to the technology of nuclear powered ships and computers. Along the way, often as a pioneer (many believed I did not belong on a nuclear submarine), I changed something in the process and was changed. As a Yale history major I did qualify as a nuclear engineer officer: no doubt the first to do so; maybe the last to get the chance.

Other life experiences involved new expertise in financial management, logistics support planning, satellite communications, and industrial safety and health disciplines. Each provided another growing challenge. Each offered new opportunities to learn human nature.

The measure of my life adventure is all that I accomplished to add to the lives of others, and to always leave the job better than I found it. All this success was based on my experience at Yale: where I gained the confidence and the skill to learn and to grow from every episode that was my life.