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Richard M. Force (Dick)

Died: January 30, 2018

Dick and Beth Ann have both retired. Dick ran federal programs under the aegis of Main Line Project Learning in three school districts in suburban Philadelphia. He served as president of PAFPC (Pennsylvania Association of Federal Program Coordinators) and then went on to become president of NAFEPA (National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators). Locally he served as president of the Wynnewood Valley Civic Association and the Federation of Lower Merion Civic Associations and participated on various boards over the years. He retired in 2004. Beth Ann retired in 2007 from the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church after 16 years serving as coordinator for activities for older adults.

Our 2010 move to Bethlehem has turned out to be a blessing for us. Our health problems continue. Living in a place where you don’t have to worry about outside maintenance and shoveling snow, has worked well. We came here to be closer to our family, which we enjoy. They provide us with a few more gray hairs but lots of laughter and fun. Our son and daughter-in-law are an easy drive away from us. Our grandchildren, Bella, born in 2010, and Jaxon (Richard), born in 2012 keep us on our toes. We have learned so much from them and continue to marvel at all of the places you go, when you have children in your lives.

We were planning on meeting one of Dick’s roommates, Bert Schloss in San Antonio, Texas in October 2011 to spend a weekend of sightseeing and fun, after many years of our being separated by the whole country, he in L.A. and us in Philadelphia. He sent us an email in the beginning of that week saying that he was not able to make the trip because he didn’t feel well enough. We were very disappointed and it wasn’t until after we had gotten home, that we found he sat down at his desk and died. We are so sorry that we didn’t see him and have regretted so much that we didn’t have our reunion much sooner.

The first week in May we found ourselves in Disney World with the family. It was the first time the children flew in a plane, and they loved every minute of our week. The weather was stunning as were the blooming flowers and ambience of doing things that appeal to a three and a four year old. We were children again, having fun on rides and eating good food.

If we are able, we will look forward to attending the 50th reunion in 2016.