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YAM Notes: September/October 2021

By Gregory Weiss

With only six weeks or so since the deadline for our last column we don’t have a lot of news. What we have, however, is important. First, we have a new Class Treasurer. After too many years in that role to count, Tom Opladen is stepping down. Thanks to Tom for a great job well done. His replacement is Don Bickford, who we know will be a terrific Treasurer.

We have received many questions from Classmates who missed all or some part of the 55th reunion. The good news is that you can find most of the important reunion events on the Class website, Yale66.org. Once you log on go to “past reunions” and then to the 55th. There you will find, in addition to to a bunch of screen shot photos of many of the Zoom participants (yes, you may find one of yourself) and a brief analysis of the Class survey, full videos of the two major class panels (the pandemic and other medical issues and climate change) and of the Class memorial service.

In other reunion-related news, you should have received in the mail by now a printed and bound booklet containing memorials to the roughly 50 Classmates who died subsequent to the 50th reunion. You are encouraged to sit down some day soon and read them. They are fascinating. Thanks again to Tom Porter and his team for their great work in producing them.

One piece of “normal“ news: Ben Liptzin, “in the afterglow of our virtual 55th Reunion,” with his new wife Liz Schneider (both fully vaccinated), hosted his annual brunch for Classmates on August 15 before that day’s 2:30 PM Tanglewood concert.