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YAM Notes: September/October 2023

By Gregory A. Weiss

Peter Gisolfi passed away on June 15 at the home he designed in 1986 in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. After graduating from Yale with a BA in Music (cum laude) he earned two degrees from Penn: his M.Architecture in 1970, and his M.L.Arch., Landscape Architecture in 1973. In 1975 he founded Peter Gisolfi Associates, Architects and Landscapers. The firm’s projects included many institutional buildings such as libraries, schools, colleges, as well as homes and landscaping. He authored more than 100 articles and books. What he will be best remembered for in our Class, however, are his wonderful renovations to Timothy Dwight College in which we celebrated our 45th reunion.

Michael Dalby and Jesse Lovejoy continue to work their tails off to bring us more fascinating presentations through ‘66LIVE. Since mid-April (with a summer hiatus in July and August) we have been treated with presentations from Coach Steve Gladstone, speaking about men’s crew, leadership and the unique allure of Yale; Jim Levinsohn, discussing Yale‘s newest institution, the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs (of which he is the head); and Yale physics professor, A Douglas Stone, discussing the “Mysteries of the Quantum World“. If you missed any of them, you can find quality recordings on the Class website. More to come in the fall!

Tim Tunney is a Senior Vice President with UBS Financial Services in Irvine, CA. He writes: “Still working. I have a 51-year-old son in the business with me. It’s fun! Returning to New Haven this week for a “Sterling Fellows“ conference. I am looking forward to what Steve Schwartzman did to upgrade Commons – – it needed it!“

A recent close-to-home tragic event was picked up in the national news media. It involved Luke Laidley, the 43-year-old son of deceased Classmate, Dave Laidley. Luke’s second day in his working life was on 9/11/01 with Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center. Miraculously, he survived. Tragically, he drowned in mid-June, leaving three small children, when he tried to rescue some small children in a swimming accident.