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Thomas Ellsworth Toney, III

Died: November 20, 2002

Tom Toney was born in Montclair, New Jersey and graduated in 1962 from the John Burroughs School in Ladue, MO (a St. Louis suburb). He attended Kenyon College for one year before transferring to Yale in 1963. As a member of Ezra Stiles College he played soccer and baseball, majoring in history. He participated in the St. Thomas More Tutorial Program in 1963 and 1964. After Yale he attended the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School, graduating in 1969.

Following graduation from law school Tom entered private practice as a corporate tax and trust attorney for the firm of Fordyce and Mayne, PC (later merged with Ziercher & Hocker, PC). He practiced law for nearly thirty years. A fiftieth reunion memorial from the John Burroughs School states that one of his most notable accomplishments was the sale of Union Station in New York City, which involved four countries and forty corporate attorneys. Tom was the lead attorney. His wife recalls that he wore an old suit with mustard stains which didn’t bother him a bit. She remembers him saying, “Let them see what a Midwestern lawyer looks like. The other lawyers had three piece suits and talked for twelve hours. I could have wrapped the whole thing up in two hours.” She added that he was the smartest man she’d ever known, representing some of the largest firms in St. Louis. Due to health problems he retired in August, 1998.

He married Christine Ruble in 1983. Tom and Christine had one daughter, Mina. Christine states that he was an avid American history and sports buff. Having an incredibly retentive mind, he could keep track of every player in the American and National Leagues. He was commissioner of several football and baseball fantasy leagues in the St. Louis area.

Tom passed away November 20, 2002 following battle with emphysema. He is survived by his wife, Christine R. Toney, one daughter, Christine Mina Toney, two brothers and one sister.