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YAM Notes: January/February 2007

By Gregory A. Weiss

Ken Berv, our newly appointed AYA representative, has written a thorough and thoughtful report on the AYA fall 2006 assembly, which is posted on the class website (yale66.org). Make sure you read it. We’re sure you will find it interesting and informative. Thanks to Ken for being so diligent.

Speaking of the AYA, Toby Condliffe has been elected to the AYA board for a three-year term. “I would welcome any comments or suggestions from classmates regarding alumni affairs,” says Toby.

Richard Lee retired in March 2006 from the Washington consulting firm of Snavely King Mojoros O’Connor & Lee. “I figured that 27 years with AT&T and 15 years consulting was enough,” says Richard. In July, he and his wife, Ann, went house-hunting in New Hampshire where they had dinner with Ted and Carrie Henderson. Richard and Ann are in no hurry to leave their current home in Virginia, however; they are enjoying the fact that for the first time in their lives the decision as to where to live will not be determined by school or job.

We’ll let Rick Frank’s “40-year update” speak for itself: “After Yale, spent time in Vietnam and other places as a USAF captain; received an MBA from U. of Chicago; married the woman of my life whom I’ve known since age three; enjoyed 35 years at consumer goods companies with the last ten as president, CEO, or chairman; married off both sons (one of whom went to Yale); and am just now embarking on a serious program of giving back while I can.”