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YAM Notes: March 2004

By Gregory A. Weiss

First, an important announcement: you are all invited to the inaugural class 60th birthday party to be held at the New York City home of John and Kazie Harvey on the evening of Thursday, May 20. More details will follow. With almost all of us turning 60 this year, the thought is that it would be great to celebrate jointly. The Harveys have graciously agreed to host the NYC event, and the plan is to have similar parties at other locations around the country. Potential hosts are encouraged to contact Biff or Cary, and, again, more details will follow.

Kent Willever’s daughter, Tegan (Harvard ’98), was married in October. He and his wife Nina (Wheaton ’76), along with at least 20 other classmates, are looking forward to the mini-reunion at Vail in January (which, by the time you read this, will have occurred and which will be reported on in the next issue). “Call us if you are in the Newport, Rhode Island, area,” says Kent. “ John Harvey did, and it netted him a nice big lobster!” Harvey Stone MD writes from Peoria: “My wife Sally and I will be grandparents for the first time in October [2003] when our son Andrew and his wife Robin are expecting to have a baby girl.”

“After a 12-year ‘vacation,’ I’m going back to Stanford Graduate School of Business next spring to teach a course in entrepreneurship to second-year MBAs,” writes Dick Allen. “Mary and I will move up to Palo Alto for the quarter, and we look forward to being close to our two grandkids.” Rick Gerard is proud to report that his daughter Elizabeth ’98 is beginning her medical internship in NYC and that his son Elliot is having his off-off-Broadway directing debut. Rick’s “latest career as a real estate developer/broker is keeping me on my toes.”

Elvi and Bob Tynes have returned to the State Department in Washington after foreign service tours in Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Tokyo as consul general. Another foreign service veteran is Sandy Shapleigh, who is now based in Quito, Ecuador. “Yale visitors welcome!” His daughter Kerry graduated with the Yale Class of 2003 last May.

Hamilton Beazeley’s new book, No Regrets: A Ten-Step Program For Living in the Present and Leaving the Past Behind, was published in January by John Wiley & Sons. Anyone in need of advice as to the Treasury’s new tax rules covering split-dollar life insurance arrangements need not look further than John Reid. Reido, who runs Edwards & Angells’ Hartford office, is apparently quite an expert, as described in a recent E&A brochure.

Our sources have passed on some literature that may have escaped your reading lists: the spring 2003 edition of the University of Denver Water Law Review. What is noteworthy is that it is dedicated to our own Chips Barry. As you may remember, Chips has since 1991 been the manager (read that as “Top Gun”) of Denver Water. In the glowing tribute that prefaces the edition, Chips is referred to as “the most influential man in local water politics for more than a decade.” It goes on to recount some of his enlightened water policy initiatives, and how, while in his position in an area where water is far from plentiful, he has become “something of a lightning rod for criticism,” he “bears both slings and arrows with the confidence of a man who goes to work to make a difference, not simply to collect a paycheck.” While we are sure Chips is justifiably proud of the great praise in the tribute for the terrific job he has done over the years, we suspect he is equally proud of its description of him as still finding time to “humiliate men half his age on the tennis court.”

Serving in his fourth term as a Connecticut state representative, Ken Bernhard is involved in the beginnings of impeachment proceedings for the state’s governor, John Rowland. For Ken, it is deja vu all over again. When Nixon was facing a similar situation, Ken was an instructor at West Point teaching constitutional law and ended up immersing himself in the historic, legal, and political consequences of an impeachment proceeding. By the time you read this there will, no doubt, have been major developments in the Rowland situation.