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YAM Notes: May/June 2006

By Gregory A. Weiss

Professor Rob Ulery has completed his revisions of his translation of Pietro Bembo’s Historia Veneta. Publication will not be until October, so, says Rob, “I won’t be able to flog copies of it at our June reunion.” He and John Harpold enjoyed taking part in Mastersingers USA’s trip to sing in Barcelona at an international festival of men’s choruses, the director of which was Bruce McInnes, who directed a number of classmates while we were at Yale in the 1960s. Bob Tynes will be a first-time attendee at the 40th. His excuse for missing the first seven reunions is a good one: he has been overseas for most of the last 39 years! Bob retired from the foreign service in September 2005 as a minister counselor, probably the longest-serving officer from his 1966 foreign service class, but will continue part-time at the State Department. Another State Department officer at the reunion will be Sandy Shapleigh, who will be returning to Holyoke, Massachusetts, after five years in Quito, Ecuador.

Waring Partridge is living and working in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where he landed after sailing around the world. He spends summers (the hurricane season) in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He and his wife Carmen are the proud parents of Cora, born July 26, 2005, a prospective member of Yale’s Class of 2027! (Congratulations to Waring and Carmen for taking what may be an insurmountable lead in that several-year-dormant Class of ’66 youngest child contest!)

An interesting note from Ken Bernhard: “I just returned from a five-day seminar at the Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg, Austria. This was in preparation for teaching law in Bulgaria next spring. I will be teaching Constitutional law and the legislative process to law students at Neophyte Rilsky South-West University. I was selected, along with 48 other ‘senior’ lawyers throughout the United States, to teach in our respective areas of legal expertise to Eastern European law students at universities from Bulgaria to Poland. I am looking forward to it immensely. And in February I will join our classmate, David Reuben, for a two-day seminar in California, which is offered by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, on the subject of rescuing water birds from environmental contamination. This is an organization with which I am affiliated, and my goal in attending this seminar is to train to help in emergency animal relief efforts as they arise around the world. ”

By the time these notes are published the reunion will be only a few weeks away — but it’s not too late to sign up. Just go to the class website, www.yale66.org (huge kudos to Steve Billard for all his hard work and for doing such a terrific job in establishing it); it’s simple to follow the links to the reunion, fill out the form, and join in the fun. We look forward to seeing everybody. It will surely be a terrific weekend!