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YAM Notes: May/June 2007

By Gregory A. Weiss

Ted Bahn reports that he and his wife, Cheryl, “took a six-month trip to the Northeast. We were able to visit our daughter, Charlene, in Boston and see our new grandson, Mason. We also visited with Waring Partridge in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. We saw his lovely wife, Carmen, and delightful new daughter, Cora. Kayaking in this area is fantastic!”

A recent edition of the New York Times includes a story about the wedding of Benjamin Berkman, the son of Andy and Kathy Berkman, to Boji Wong. Included is a photo of the attractive couple, who will be living in the New York area. Benjamin is the founder of Octone Records, a recording studio in New York, and his wife is an attorney with the Cahill Gordon firm.

Passed on to us is a letter from the Maupin Taylor P.A. law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, announcing its merger with the well-regarded Williams Mullen law firm, which has offices throughout Virginia, as well as in Washington, D.C. Featured near the top of the masthead on the letter is our own Frank Ward, who is very modest about his position high up in his firm’s “food chain.”

The annual class ski reunion, held in Vail this year, was another great success. Spearheaded by Tim Wollaeger and Chip Stanberry (with major assistance from Cindy Wollaeger), there were at least 28 classmates, spouses, and friends in attendance at one time or another over the three-and-a-half-day event. (Another six or eight had to drop out at the last minute due to illness or injury.) The highlights of the program were three dinners in private rooms in top Vail restaurants, arranged for us by Cindy. Secluded from the other diners in the restaurant, the group was able to let fly with all sorts of great old stories (including a classic from Liz Folberth describing how she allowed Biff to talk her into marrying him), and, yes, the opportunity to belt out some of the traditional Yale songs was not to be passed up. There was also some excellent skiing. A seven-inch overnight snowstorm made the conditions on the last day spectacular. The group was split in two parts so that everyone who skied (which was not everyone) was able to be with a group in which they felt comfortable. Next year it is Aspen, led by local resident Howie Mallory. More information will be forthcoming shortly.