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YAM Notes: May/June 2011

By Gregory A. Weiss

It took Gene Dattel 50 years to get an article published in the Yale Daily News. He was finally successful in February with an op-ed piece entitled “Relics of a Racist Era,” in which he mused about the views of John C. Calhoun and Timothy Dwight and their legacies today. Gene is still doing tours publicizing his recent book and is having fun as an associate fellow of Berkeley College.

It is with sadness that we announce the death of another classmate, Steve Brody, on February 18. After Yale, Steve graduated from Columbia Business School in 1970. He lived in NYC until 1979, working for several financial firms. In 1978 he founded Brody Associates and then relocated to Indiana, Pennsylvania. Turning full time to the development of his own ventures, during three decades he worked with over 150 companies, focusing on the telecommunications and healthcare fields. A member of the Yale Club of New York, he was a lifelong supporter of Yale, especially its student athletes. He leaves behind his wife of 42 years, Susan, as well as two sons and three grandchildren.

The 13th annual class Winterfest took place this year at the end of January in Aspen. Hosted by Howie Mallory, the event was, once again, a total success. It kicked off with a raucous dinner at the home of Howie and his charming wife, Nora. The second evening featured a freezing cold sleigh ride to a remote mountain cabin inn, and the final evening was at a hotel restaurant prior to which Ned Snyder made a fascinating presentation describing the reclamation of the land on his Texas farm from desolation to classic Texas grasslands. In between we skied a bit and generally had a huge amount of fun. Among the memorable moments were Howie’s naming of Biff and Elizabeth Folberth as “Lost and Found” and his direction to the group, at the top of the mountain in a raging snowstorm: “Let’s get moving while there’s a break in the weather.” (You had to be there?) After considerable discussion, it was decided that next year the event would be held in Beaver Creek, Colorado, to be hosted by Tim and Cindy Wollaegerfrom February 2 through 5.

By the time you receive this issue our 45th reunion will be only a couple of weeks away, June 2 through 5. If you haven’t yet registered, drop everything and do so right away (go to www.aya.yale.edu/reunions and click on 45th reunion—Yale Class of 1966).

Don’t miss it; if you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life! (Well, it may not be that bad, but you will sure be missing some really good times!) And we sure hope you all received and enjoyed the DVD sent in April containing the 568 issues of the Yale Daily News published during our four years in New Haven: “A Window to our Shortest, Gladdest Years.”