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YAM Notes: May/June 2012

By Gregory A. Weiss

I am sure you are as tired of reading obituaries as I am of writing them. Now here’s some good news fromPat Randolph, who I will let tell the story in his own words: “A bit shamefacedly, I must admit that the rumors of my imminent death seem to be exaggerated. With the benefits of continuing chemotherapy (which is problematic but endurable), it appears that I’ll have an active life through 2013 and very possibly beyond. Very good news, and much more optimistic than I was hearing three years ago. So please ignore all prior e-mails. I am continuing to work full time but spending a bit more time traveling as well. If I hadn’t written the prior e-mail, I wouldn’t have to be writing this one, so we live and learn. (Thank God.)”

Pat also mentioned that, in partial celebration of his good news, he was planning on attending the April 23 class dinner in NYC organized by Tom Opladen and Fred Berg with Yale athletic director Tom Beckett as the speaker. Since this is being written in March, you will have to wait until the next issue to read all about it.

One recent class event that, once again, was a roaring success was our annual “Winterfest” ski mini-reunion. Here I will let Tim Wollaeger describe the event: “The 14th annual Yale ’66 Winterfest was hosted by Cindy and Tim Wollaeger in Beaver Creek, Colorado, February 1–5. Skiing conditions were good, and the group enjoyed fine food and wine. First-time attendee Ben Liptzin, a geriatric psychiatrist, led a discussion on ‘Successful Aging,’ and Ned Snyder brought us up to date on the grass restoration on his ranch in Texas. Selected photos can be found on the class website.” And we were treated to a song with lyrics by Biff Folberth, entitled “The Biff N’Schuss Song,” to the tune of “The Whiffenpoof Song”—a bit lame but what the heck! Next year’s event is being planned for Telluride, Colo