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YAM Notes: November/December 2016

By Gregory A. Weiss

Frank Carrington died unexpectedly on July 23, not too long after the reunion. A lifelong Connecticut resident, he graduated from Hopkins School and Temple University School of Medicine. He practiced internal medicine for most of his career and was a captain in the Air Force Reserve Medical Corps. Several classmates, including Chris Armstrong, Bill Mckee, and Glenn McClelland, are planning a remembrance and celebration evening at Mory’s on November 18. Contact any of those three for details. Part of the festivities will be the endowment of a barstool in Frank’s memory and the dedication of two cups, one to be kept at Mory’s permanently and the other to be given to Frank’s wife of over 50 years, Carolyn.

A couple of class events have occurred recently or are about to occur. Ben and Sharon Liptzin hosted a small group of classmates at the Tanglewood Music Festival at the end of August in the Massachusetts Berkshires. The third annual Eastern Long Island Golf Outing was scheduled for the end of August. Led by Kirk Ressler and cohosted by Rich Look, Steve Gilhuley, and Luke Lynch, a dozen or so of our classmates played on three of Long Island’s best-known golf courses. This event seems to be growing bigger every year. We look forward to hearing some of the inevitable stories that will grow into golf legends.

You should have received in August a blast e-mail announcing three things: the imminently delivery of a supplement to the In Memoriam section of the class book; the opening of a portion of the photo section of the class website (Yale66.org) featuring over 1,000 downloadable photos from the reunion; and the offering of a DVD of the full production of Naked Lunch—The Musical, the highlight of the reunion. Give us a shout with any questions.