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YAM Notes: September/October 2005

By Gregory A. Weiss

It’s June when I write this, and lots of our kids are getting married, including Bob Riordan’s son Mike, as reported by Dave Hathaway: “I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Cape Charles, Virginia, celebrating the wedding of Mike Riordan (Bob’s oldest child) to Elizabeth Leatherbury, a lovely young lady. Other ’66ers who were there for the occasion were Sally and Watts Humphrey (plus their son, Watts, just through his first year of Darden, and his wife of one year, Leigh), Caesar and Dorothy Stair (Caesar in rare form as ever), Tone Grant, Bert and Nancy Broadfoot, and Steve Brody. We took no prisoners, but we all had a grand time reminiscing and catching up.”

Biff and Liz Folberth’s lovely daughter, Liza (Yale ’98), was married to a charming and handsome guy from Princeton (nice to know there is at least one) in late June. Biff was in great form as the emotional father giving away his only daughter — he even mustered up the guts to sing her a song as part of his toast (definitely not a Whiff but not totally off-key, either). A bunch of classmates joined in the celebration at New York’s Botanical Garden, including Chips Barry, Bo and Betsy Bodurtha, Mike and Judy Crutcher, Russ and Susan Dilley, and your corresponding secretary and his wife, Karen.

While we do not have any eyewitness accounts, the New York Times reported the marriage on June 25 of Murph and Nancy Levin’s son, Duncan, to a fellow Yalie, Samantha Lazarus. Duncan, who also graduated from Yale Law School, works for the district attorney’s office in New York.

From William Gottschalk in Chicago: “I am deeply saddened to report that our friend and classmate, Ralph Hobart, passed away last evening after a tough fight with cancer. I will always remember Ralph as a man of great good spirits who delighted in life and his family (including his daughter Holly, a Yale graduate) and had fond memories of Yale and his acquaintances there.”

Tim Tunney sends an interesting note recommending a new book, Not My Father’s War, by Bob Leich of the class of ’65. The book is a novel about the Vietnam War — the protagonist of which is a member of our class! Tim writes: “Well, the Yale class of 1966 has done it again! No, it’s not another famous classmate CEO, politician, physician, or investment banker. This one’s even better. Now, we have our own honest-to-goodness (fictional) Vietnam War hero. Yes, move over, B.D.! He’s Army lieutenant William Beauregard Wilson IV, aka ‘Billy Will’ to his girlfriends and ‘L-Tee’ to his men.”