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YAM Notes: September/October 2006

By Gregory A. Weiss

Since there still seems to be quite a “buzz” about the terrific 40th reunion in June, we thought we would lead off with a reminder about the next mini-reunion. Tim Wollaeger and Chip Stanberry will host the ninth annual class ski trip in Vail, Colorado, from January 28 through February 1. Vail offers a variety of skiing and other winter activities. Those of you who would like to receive detailed information are asked to contact Tim at twollaeger@sanderling.com.

Ted Shen was featured in an article in the New York Times in May. It described a major gift made by Ted to create a small musical theater in Arlington, Virginia, and to fund three up-and-coming songwriters whose work will be presented there. A jazz guitarist in college, Ted comes from a family with a deep commitment to music. His interest in musical theater began in the 1970s when he saw his first Stephen Sondheim musical, and it has been growing stronger ever since. With his background as an investment banker he is much more interested in supporting new songwriters than in backing Broadway musicals. If he is going to “give it away,” it may as well be for a good cause.

Pete Andrews has completed the second edition of his book on the history of U.S. environmental policy, Managing the Environment, Managing Ourselves: A History of American Environmental Policy, updated through the first term of the current President Bush; it will be available from Yale University Press in the fall. He also enjoyed singing in several recent concerts at Yale, Duke, and George Washington University with the alumni of the Yale Russian Chorus, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Unfortunately we must report the deaths of two classmates, Tom Godfrey and Joseph Calder Jr. We have little information at this time about Tom, but we have an obituary from the Williamsport [Pennsylvania] Sun-Gazette reporting on Joe. He was a cardiologist who lived and worked in Williamsport for 31 years where he became one of the premier cardiologists in the area. He was a 1970 graduate of Penn Med School, and in 1997 was given the “Heart of a Champion” Award by the American Heart Association. The cause of death was thyroid cancer. He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Stephanie, and three children.