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YAM Notes: September/October 2012

By Gregory A. Weiss

Mid-July as this is written—not a lot of news.

One classmate running for office this fall is Bill Haas, who is seeking the lieutenant governorship of the state of Missouri. One of his campaign letters contains the following interesting introduction: “People ask me why I continue to seek higher office. The poet Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (father of the Supreme Court justice) observed that most people die with their songs still inside them. I don’t intend to die with my song for public service still inside me. And when in office I will do my best [to see] that your songs don’t either.” Good luck, Bill!

Now is the perfect time to plan your winter vacations. And make sure you consider joining a bunch of classmates at the annual class Winterfest. This year it will be held in Telluride, Colorado, from January 30 through February 3. As described in many previous notes, this is a tremendous amount of fun for both skiers and (that rapidly growing group) non-skiers alike. Contact Ted Elliot (ted@elliottfamilycellars.com) for further information.