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YAM Notes: September/October 2016

By Gregory A. Weiss

By the time you receive this in print it will be over three months since our spectacular 50th reunion, and most of us are still basking in the glow. If you want to relive the glory, you can go to the class website to check out some of the 1,200-plus photographs taken by our official roving photographer as well as a number which were taken by several classmates. (By the way, if you have photos you would like to post they will be enthusiastically welcomed; contact our webmaster and photo czar Stephen Billard (Stephen@Sbillard.org). To see the posted photos go to Yale66.org and then to “Past Reunions.” Click on the 50th reunion. On the sidebar on the right are slide show links. Click the links, and you will find complete instructions.

The rest of the news follows. You will readily note that much of it is way out of date. We apologize for that and use as a (quite lame) excuse the press of reunion planning and last issue’s reunion column. In any event, here it is—better late than never!

Van Wolf is “still practicing environmental law but a reduced load. Casey (GVVWIII) married in April 2015 and is a financial analyst in Dallas; son Chris is working for a PR startup in Dallas; Libby is pursuing modern dance career in NYC. Soon to ‘simplify’ (downsize) but no address yet. Traveling and enjoying Flagstaff getaway.” Coauthored by Robert A. Anderson is the recently published novel The Cat, the Sun, and the Mirror. “Based on the ancient Japanese myth in which the Sun Goddess disappears, this version, set in an American, film-noir-type city, features a private eye who sets out to investigate this strange disappearance.”

Ben Liptzin “stepped down as department chair on June 30, 2015. Stayed on as full-time but [transitioned] to per diem coverage in January 2016 so will have time to attend Winterfest in Aspen. Also honored to represent our class at AYA assembly in November.” Peter Stambler “seems to be spending much more Yale time these days, and it pleases me. I’m interviewing applicants here in Charleston, and I’ve just become the South Carolina delegate to the AYA. Last summer (2014), I took my granddaughter to India on a Yale Alumni Services Corps trip.”

Peter Lownds was “looking forward to the reunion (my first) and to playing Norman Mailer in Bill Hannay’s and Damon Baker’s musical sendup of the Naked Lunch obscenity trial. Busy with things domestic, social, and theatrical. Trying to simplify my life so my wife, Theresa, and I can start to travel—Istanbul and Cuba call.”